Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence asserts that people are smart in different ways.  Below are the summaries of seven of the ways Gardner first theorized about in his book, Frames of Mind.

Visual-Spatial Intelligence: These learners tend to think in pictures.  Creating detailed images help them retain information.  Maps, charts, pictures, videos, and movies all attract this intelligence.  They tend to be good with distances and size.

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence: These learners think in words rather than pictures.  Most have highly developed auditory skills and make excellent speakers.  Workbooks and written tests and instructions are generally their strong suits.  Some, including myself, would argue that verbal and linguistic are actually two separate intelligences with auditory-verbal strengths splitting from Visual linguistic strengths.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: These learners think numerically and in patterns.  They strive to make lucid connections between pieces of information.  curious about the world around them, they are full of questions.  They also enjoy experiments.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: These learners move as a form of expression.  they have good balance and eye-hand co-ordination.  Both fine and gross motor skills are well-developed.  They often process and retain information best by interacting with the space around them.

Musical Intelligence: Musical learners think in sounds, rhythms, and patterns.  They both appreciate and are critical of music and their responses are often immediate.  They are highly sensitive to sound within their environments as well.

Inter-personal Intelligence: These learners try to put themselves in the other guy’s shoes.  they are often capable of understanding another person’s feelings, intentions, and motivation.  They are peace-makers and encouragers but can also be manipulators because they understand people and situations well.  They “read” both verbal and non-verbal cues and work to establish communication with others.

Intra-personal Intelligence: These learners have the ability for self-reflection.  They focus on their feelings, are often aware of their dreams and the meaning of their dreams, and understand their own strengths and weaknesses.  They are also concerned about how they relate to others.

Two additional Intelligences Gardner has also identified is a Spiritual Intelligence and a Naturalist Intelligence.  I do not have summaries of these two yet. 

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