My Bio:                                                                                                                                                                I am a married mother of a full house, middle-aged and growing younger.  I have emerged from a traditional God-box to interact with a post modern world and I haven’t a clue what that will look like but I look forward to finding out.

Guest Bios:                                                                                                                                                      My guests are people I have invited to use this space.  I may or may not agree with all their points of view but either way I believe each to be a person of integrity with a provocative message to share.  Please offer them as much consideration as you would me.

Shelby                                                                                                                                                                is a friend of several years.  She recently completed her first book, “Church Picnic: How God Saved Me from My Religion.” Find out more about Shelby at She is new to the blogging world.  You can check her out at:

Lazarus discribes himself as                                                                                                                             A Trail Blazer with a wife and five children all living at home.  A Christ follower with hope to live like I’m retired the rest of my life. Seeing God in His people and the things He created. Learning to love the way God intended me to love–Him, the world, and those things in it.


  1. Hope you for this post in response to your email.

  2. Very nice blog with some interesting and insightful posts. (I found you from a discussion on parchment and pen.)

    Feel free to come and visit at Eclectic Christian. Maybe we could trade some guest posts some time.

  3. Hi, Minnow. I found your blog by clicking your name in your response at Parchment and Pen re: women as head pastors:

    I’ve enjoyed reading what you’ve written.


  4. Hi Friend,
    I am writing on fear and happened to follow a blog to yours. I wish I had a wonderful word of good cheer for you. Sometimes life just sucks. It did for Job and he was honest about it too. Hmmm… I wonder if Job could have blogged what would he have written. Can you imagine the 3 guys that came to sit with him – instead writing to him… Your thoughts will probably haunt me the rest of the day. I will talk to the father– perhaps you could do the same for me…..

  5. tim1hast–Do you blog? I would like a link if you do. Thanks for the comment. I hope you aren’t haunted and will pray for peace.

  6. Hi Minnow – Yes I do blog you can find me at — May peace and joy ambush you as you walk the path of life on this day

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