Posted by: minnow | April 19, 2020

A Technicality

That 45 is “my president” is a technicality. I recognize he is the designated leader of the country. I understand the Electoral College found in his favor. I heard HRC concede the election to him. I read reports that he took the oath of office. And, I watch now as he wields power. BUT, I did not vote for him. Nothing he has done, nothing he has said, and nothing he has tweeted–because isn’t that how all presidents conduct business–represents my position on issues, my view of the world, or the values I desire our nation to uphold. So no, 45 is not my president and I will say as much when anyone tries to tell me otherwise.

I respect the office of the presidency too much to consider the man currently occupying that position legitimate. He has given us no reason to respect him as a person and no reason to follow him as a leader. In truth, while his actions have always been self absorbed, since the outbreak of the coronavirus they have become increasingly irresponsible and dangerous. It was bad enough, when in a relatively safe America he served as a shield, a media distraction, for Senate Republicans as McConnell and company filled the courts with ultra conservative (and in some cases totally unqualified) judges. Yes the country will have to deal with the repercussions for years, but for most of us the damage to the courts has been minimal by comparison to the damage he is doing now.

On April 17 the president of the United States turned a corner.

45’s ignorant, thoughtless tweets about liberating states and protecting the 2nd Amendment incited the insurrection of his base against state governments. Thousands of his followers, specifically in the states 45 targeted Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia, have retweeted his messages. Some even added more explicit calls for violence. Hundreds of armed supporters showed up on the doorsteps of state capitals, in the streets, and at governors’ residences. This man, desperate for the accolade from the crowds at his rallies, intentionally contradicts the experts in his own administration. His attempts to force a premature opening of the country are not only shameful but bordering on criminal. The threat created by this administration–by this president–to our national security is real. And just so you don’t miss the point–one protestor’s placard read: “If ballots don’t free us bullets will.”

Be warned America: unlike Putin or Kim Jong-un, our would-be dictator is not actually in control of his rebels. His careless behavior is akin to the zookeeper unlocking all the animal cages then walking away as though he’s done nothing wrong.  He doesn’t know which animals will escape first or what damage they might do to one another. He doesn’t care. They love him for “liberating” them and that is what matters to him. If some of them die because they choose to leave the safety of their cages–how is that the zookeepers fault? He only hears their shouts of praise and adoration! He will deny responsibility for this just like he has denied responsibility for every other misstep he and his government has taken.

Pair Biden with a woman, pair Biden with a progressive, pair Biden with a Republican I don’t care. Democrats, the media, sane adults must not let this president be re-elected. News outlets should not air anything said by 45 or his spokes people without fact checking it first. Every sane adult should flood his social media threads with factual, respectful contradictions to all the outrageous drivel he tweets, posts, or says. Every time one of his lies or misdirects is repeated by one of his ignorant followers, honest reliable, patriotic Americans should counter it with the truth ten times over! The cages this Zookeeper has unlocked must be carefully monitored. And until the Zookeeper in the White House can be legally put out of office, the rest of us must do what we can to keep one another safe and truthfully informed.

The changes to “our way of life” necessary in order to keep people safe AND get our economy moving again may feel strange and uncomfortable, especially at first. But unless we are willing to listen to the experts, become self disciplined, and put the health and welfare of the masses at the front of our policy making, the additional changes we will be forced to make will be even more financially devastating and personally painful. Please let sanity reign. Please begin, if you haven’t already started, looking for ways you can help those who are even less fortunate than yourselves. Donate to food banks. Plant a garden. Share the produce from your garden with others. Get groceries for your elderly neighbors. Be the positive change the country needs and be the bearers of truth and justice.


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