Posted by: minnow | March 26, 2020

Love the Ones You’re With

The President needs a muzzle. Period. His suggestions that churches will be filled by Easter may come true but only because brainwashed lemmings will stupidly listen to the President instead of medical experts. If the foolish faithful do flood the pews on April 12th, it will probably become the fastest way to KILL off the Church devised by mankind.

People please, shelter in place.

Our President is worried about his re-election NOT the electorate. When we compare our response to Italy’s the prognosis is dire. Italy has been on lockdown for nearly three weeks. Their first case was confirmed on January 29, 2020. Italy has (as of this date 3/26) over 74,000 total cases and their death toll is more than double China’s.  On the other hand, the U.S. confirmed our first case on January 21, 2020, a week sooner than Italy. Yet, we still haven’t been ordered, at the federal level, to shelter in place. As we watch Italy deal with the wildfire like spread of the coronavirus, it doesn’t take long to realize we don’t have enough hospital beds or ventilators for the coming tsunami. Yet, this administration is worried about the stock market. He is making uneducated predictions and his actions, like refusing to impose the Defense Production Act, will end up killing people.

Do the math people.  We don’t have superpowers just because we’re Americans. 889 people in the United States have died from the Coronavirus already–889 people. Not just in New York City. Not just in Los Angeles, California. People are dying in Wayne, Michigan and Weld, Colorado and Clark, Washington and Greene, Missouri, and Palm Springs, Florida. They feel just fine, spread the disease throughout their communities and then they die. In Jefferson, Kentucky and Baptist, Louisiana and Cleveland, Oklahoma, and please, please get this picture.

I beg you, voluntarily shelter in place.

Our nation faces a moral dilemma.  The President has made it more difficult for people of integrity to do the right thing, to stand down, to shelter in place and fight for the lives of as many people as possible. Our President has landed on the side of the almighty dollar. He has declared that the cure can’t be allowed to be worse than the disease.  He, and people like Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, think grandpa and grandma are expendable. Behind closed doors (if people like this even have closed doors) they are probably imagining killing two birds with one stone–medicare and social security will be easier to dismantle with fewer people on it. The grandparents I know are not expendable. The pregnant women and new moms I know are not expendable. My sister and son and cousin with heart conditions, my boss with a compromised immune system, my FB friend with diabetes. Are. Not. Expendable.

Greed creates monsters and power in the hands of the greedy is a dangerous, dangerous weapon. For example, right now in Congress Lindsay Graham, Tim Scott, and Ben Sasse are threatening to hold up the Senate stimulus bill–for Coronavirus relief–because it gives too much money to unemployment. Playing to the ignorance of their base, they whine proclaiming it will incentivize people to “get laid off” because they would make more money on unemployment. In the first place–people don’t ask to “get laid off”. (In the second place–there is something wrong with what people are getting paid if they can get more money through unemployment–but that’s a different conversation). People might quit their jobs but you can’t collect unemployment if you quit. And, there is absolutely nothing in this bill that encourages employers to lay off workers! The truth is–Graham and company simple don’t want to help the working class! Perhaps the GOP in congress think if they stall this bill long enough, their “fearless” leader will have everyone back to work and they won’t need to pass it at all. Instead, they can find a way to funnel the money through a different sort of stimulus package into the hands of their wealthy patrons. Greed makes people expendable.

We are at war, folks. The enemy is death in the form of a virus that spreads through the population undetected. As is often the case, the rich and powerful at the top are about to decide how many casualties of this war are acceptable. For them, human life is collateral damage on the way to making money. What is it going to be for us?

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