Posted by: minnow | March 8, 2020

Done Playing Nice

I am angry, so very angry. I want to scream. I want to bite someone’s head off. I want to swear and break things and pound my fists and cry. I honestly no long know where to put all this anger, how to shove it out of the center of my psyche so I can keep functioning in the day to day. And it has everything to do and nothing to do with Elizabeth Warren and the fact that once again Americans, with the help of a rigged political system and biased media, have decided one of three old white men will be the president of the United States. One of three less articulate, less compassionate, less positive, less empathetic, less capable, and less intelligent, old, white men is a preferable choice. And yes, I did just lump Biden and Bernie in with 45 despite already knowing I’m comparing fertilizer to compost to toxic fumes. I’ll recover. I can’t promise when–maybe by the time I’ve finished this blog. But right now I want to grind glass with my teeth and spit it out at the world.

How dare Bernie supporting progressives criticize the one candidate other than Bernie who who has championed the progressive agenda! It’s bad enough that Warren faced sexism from the right and from the media and from so-called moderate democrats. The rest of you, the so called progressives who other progressives want us to think are just a splinter fringe group, aren’t doing your cause any favors by bad mouthing Warren, by calling her a corporatist, or demeaning her character.

Elizabeth Warren has been every bit as progressive as Bernie Sanders. And she will continue to give voice to the progressive agenda, continue to fight for HER causes, and continue to come up with plans for how to push this country forward, EVEN if she doesn’t endorse your candidate. What’s more–her supporters aren’t sheep. They are fully capable of choosing to support with their time, their voices, and their money the remaining candidate who best champions the issues they care about. Not running to catch the Sanders train does not make her or her supporters less progressive.

I’m done playing nice. I won’t listen to any more excuses from the poor brainwashed white people who would rather blame their situations on people of color than on a broken system. I’m done letting the exception to the rule–the young black man who makes it into Harvard or the single mom who gets her degree–be used to contradict the mountains of statistics which expose the systemic racism and sexism at work in this country. Angry people are my friends and I won’t tell them to calm down, be patient, get in line, settle for crumbs, or shut up! Angry people need to get up, get loud, and get to work!

It is not Elizabeth Warren’s fault if Bernie doesn’t win the Democratic nomination any more than it was Bernie’s fault that Hillary got a majority of the popular vote when she lost the 2016 election. Progressives have a problem and it isn’t Elizabeth Warren. Bernie needs young people to vote! And so far, young people are too lazy, too privileged, too self-absorbed, or too whatever to bother. THAT isn’t on Warren. And to be honest, it isn’t on Bernie, either. That’s on the lazy, privileged, self-absorbed young people who are too busy being seen on social media to be heard at the ballot box. It’s on the whiners whaa-whaaing about what a horrible state Boomers have left the country in but who don’t want to take responsibility for turning 18.

The next time I hear someone complain about 45 I’m going to ask them, politely of course, what they are doing to get rid of him. The next time I hear someone whine about the broken system I’m going to ask them what they are doing right now with their time and their resources to fix it. The next time I see a meme quoting some dead civil rights leader or poking fun at the right I’m going to ask the poster: how have you picked up the charge, made a difference, or moved the country forward. If you want single payer healthcare–VOTE progressive. If you want campaign finance reform–VOTE progressive. If you want an equitable criminal justice system, lower student debt, minimum wage increases, and attention paid to climate change VOTE progressive.

That’s what I was doing when I was rooting for, blogging about, contributing to, and planning to vote for Elizabeth Warren. But wanting the smartest person in the room–the woman with a plan on HOW to get these things done–obviously wasn’t enough. Now I must be root for, blog about, contribute to, and vote for Bernie Sanders because he also stands on the same side of the issues I do.

The urgency of this moment is only going to grow. I hope my second choice becomes Americas first choice because I think our opportunity to change the trajectory of this nation without significant hardship is quickly closing. We can’t afford status quo policies and bread crumb politics. I just hope it doesn’t take a more painful awakening for us to act.

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