Posted by: minnow | March 2, 2020

The DNC has Made Their Pick–Have YOU?!

No secret–the DNC want someone who will not rock their money boat. They want someone who will attract POC but who isn’t going to promise too much in return. The DNC is focused on the status quo before 45 and they think they can get it by offering the voters leftovers.

Personally, I believe the DNC has picked Joe Biden, however reluctantly, to be their Democratic presidential nominee. Initially it looked like Pete might have been their favorite. And, if he’d continued to climb in the delegate count, it would have been. But each primary showed diminishing returns. Ultimately Buttigieg just couldn’t capture enough of the Democrat’s base–in spite of being a millennial mayor of a city with a 26 percent African Americans and 13% Hispanic or Latino population.

On Sunday Mayor Pete dropped out.

Ever since the talking heads have been praising Mayor Pete. They’ve labeled him a rising star in the democratic party and a sure candidate for the future, teasing that they’ve even learned how to say his last name. Dropping out now is, in the eyes of the DNC, a magnanimous gesture, a gesture they hope will galvanize the party–behind Joe.

Amy Klobuchar caught a flash of attention as well, with her 3rd place finish in the New Hampshire primary. But it, too, didn’t last. So today, Monday March 2nd, not 24 hours before Super Tuesday, she too dropped out. I didn’t see THAT one coming. I thought she would at least wait until Super Tuesday and let her own state show their support. But no, she had a date in Dallas with Biden and Buttigieg instead. To add to the intrigue, Klobuchar was actually winning in Minnesota with 29% of the projected vote, compared to Bernie Sanders’ 23 percent, and more pointedly–Biden’s 8.

If I were just a wee bit more cynical, considering the timing of these two announcements, I might be wondering if these old sparring buddies weren’t trying to out position one another for the VP spot on a Biden ticket. As I recall, there was even a little joking to that effect in the most recent debate.

Should Biden get the nomination, Buttigieg would be a great VP choice. He’s an eloquent speaker. He’s from the mid-west. White Americans, and rich Americans, obviously like him and he could potentially attract a few from the younger set. Klobuchar, on the other hand, might do Biden even more good than Buttigieg. It certainly wouldn’t hurt his “Uncle Joe” image to have a woman on the ticket. Like Biden, Amy comes from a working class background and as I’ve said in previous posts she’s got a reputation for getting things done. She too, is from the midwest and a swing state which, in the world of traditional politics, balances and strengthens the ticket. Still, she doesn’t bring quite as many delegates to the table as Buttigieg which could suggest she doesn’t have as much appeal.

Ultimately, with Pete and Amy out (for now), Bloomberg not even on all the ballots, Sanders causing the DNC power brokers to reconsider their objections to 45, and Vice President Biden the “if only there weren’t term limits” option–where does Warren fit?

I believe the perfect fit for Warren is at the top of the ticket. Senator Warren is eloquent, passionate, and smart. She has a plan to hold corporate America accountable. She knows how to get the wealthy to pay their fair share. She believe diplomatic solutions should be exhausted before military ones are deployed. She’s aware of how systemic racism has shaped our economy, isn’t afraid to say it and more than that has several plans to fix it. She’s willing to work across the aisle and has the record to prove it. She takes equal rights, human rights, civil rights, and what is right seriously.

Elizabeth is a unifying candidate. She is decidedly pro working class, pro family, and pro progress. She wants to invest in capitalism but also wants to hold those with the most accountable to where and how the got what they have. She understands that we need to be good stewards of the planet yet she also knows we can’t afford to leave workers behind just because the jobs they used to have are no longer needed. We need a path to the future that’s wide enough for everyone to travel whether that’s the coal miner learning a new trade or the immigrant making a new home.

PLEASE–if you’re a voter in Massachusetts, Utah, Minnesota, Texas, California, North Carolina, Maine, Alabama, Colorado, Arkansas, Vermont, Tennessee, Virginia, or Oklahoma–

Think about who can stand toe to toe with 45 on the debate stage.

Think about who appeals to progressives but will reach across the aisle to get the job done.

Think about who gives us hope, hard work, and a plan forward.

Then VOTE. Vote for Elizabeth Warren. Give America back to Every American.



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