Posted by: minnow | January 25, 2020

The Grim Reaper

By ruling the Senate with an iron fist Mitch McConnell, the self proclaimed Grim Reaper, has single handedly done more to stop progress than any single politician in Washington. He has refused to bring to a vote, or even debate, 300 bills that have passed in the House, 275 of which had bipartisan support. At the same time, he has assured life time appointments to dozens of unqualified judges by bending debate rules and hiding behind the daily drama of the President. And right now he is orchestrating an Impeachment Trial without allowing witnesses and by limiting the presentation of evidence. In each of these situations he refuses to consider the will of the nation or even his own constituents.

As indicated most of the bills Senator McConnell refuses to bring before the Senate have had bipartisan support in the House, such as the Net Neutrality Act. But what is even more concerning is, they overwhelmingly reflect the will of the American people and still Mitch McConnell will not budge. Other legislation includes the Equality Act, the Dream and Promise Act, and a bill to raise the federal minimum wage. The House even worked on a proposal to lower prescription drugs by encouraging generic competitors–a win for both consumers and smaller manufacturer. Still the Grim Reaper remains resolute–no action.

Rather than pass even bipartisan legislation, Senator McConnell is hell bent on shaping the courts with right leaning judges, regardless of their experience. To understand the serious problem McConnell’s push for ultra conservative judges poses take a look at Sarah Pitlyk, one of five judges appointed by 45 and confirmed by the Senate that the American Bar Association has deemed UNQUALIFIED. Pitlyk has never tried a case, never deposed a witness, never pick a jury, never even argued a motion at the state or federal level. She’s done little more with regard to a court room than clerk for 45’s most recent Supreme Court pick when Kavanaugh was an appellate court judge. Her single biggest “qualification”? She stands on the right side–the far right side–of women’s reproductive rights. Pitlyk is vocally anti abortion, anti, surrogacy, and anti IVF.

With so many openings on the court one might think the “harm” is limited.  After all, isn’t it better to fill empty positions and reduce the work load for other judges? Perhaps, but remember Mitch McConnell has been at this for a very long time–since before 45. When President Obama was in charge of nominations the Senate moved as slowly as possible. In the eight years President Obama made appointments, though there were just as many openings as there are now, the Senate managed to confirm only 55 appellate judges. Under the current administration, McConnell has pushed through 50 appellate judges in three years, and 150 judges in all. When the only qualification that matters is that he or she lines up on the right side of the political spectrum, we are much more likely to see regressive results.

The thought that an impeachment trial is merely a distraction from the bigger story of McConnell’s strangle hold on our Republic may seem crazy. Yet, the mockery the Senator and his Republican flunkies are making of the Impeachment proceedings–denying witnesses, limiting evidence, pretending to “walk out” in a huff, and stopping before cameras to whine about hearing the same arguments over and over without witnesses (which remember they were denied)–proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how high the stakes for saving our nation have become. Every Democrat, both Independents, and 20 Republicans would need to vote to convict in order to remove 45 from office. Yet, despite the mountain of evidence, the current partisan climate and the Republican majority in the Senate, renders that verdict unlikely.

The last time our country was in such peril, Abraham Lincoln reminded us that we are a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” and that those still living had an obligation to those who had passed to not allow our nation to remain divided. The House did not bring charges of an abuse of power and obstruction of justice against the President knowing it would win. It brought charges knowing only that to do so was right.

I do not expect the Senate to vote to convict. I do not expect the President to be removed. The self proclaimed Grim Reaper has too much power and is not afraid to wield it. Through campaign contributions and intimidation McConnell will most likely maintain control BUT, election day is coming.

On November 3, 2020, we, the people, will have an opportunity to make our voices heard. First, make sure your name hasn’t been removed from the roster and come election day VOTE. Help to register others and if you are able, help them get to the polls so they can VOTE. Understand what is at stake, recognize the stark differences in integrity between this president and any one of the candidates on the left. Resolved to defeat 45 and all those who have helped him and who he has helped to undo environmental protections, to tarnish our reputation in the world, and to set back the progress of equal rights, human rights, and what is Right. When the Impeachment verdict comes in take note of how your Senators voted and in November, if either one is up for election, VOTE accordingly.

Finally, remember how unethical the Grim Reaper’s handling of the Impeachment Trial has been. And, if you have anything left at the end of the day–financially or time-wise–remember McConnell is up for re-election. Help to defeat him.

Amy McGrath is running against McConnell in Kentucky. McGrath served 20 years as a Marine, completing three combat tours of duty as a pilot, and retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2017. She’s already listening to her constituents, and ready to put an end to McConnell’s obstructionist policies. McGrath promises to work within the system–as opposed to outside of it–and to get things done.

Watch. Remember. VOTE.

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