Posted by: minnow | January 20, 2020

Birds of a Feather

Will Rogers once said, “It is easier to fool a man than to convince him he’s been fooled.” How sad this truth is in our current world. Right now in the United States, a large portion of the American public is being duped. And, most of the Republicans in the US Senate hope their constituents will remain ignorant for a little while longer. They don’t want us to understand how Mitch McConnell subverts the Constitution. They don’t want us to see the evidence of the President’s wrong doing for ourselves or demand we hear from relevant witnesses. They want the American people to remain confused about what the job of the House WAS and what the job of the Senate IS. As long as they confuse us they can bend and break the rules, they can stir up frustration and anger, and they can avoid accountability. They continually cast blame and pretend the President, and not the people’s trust, is the victim. They don’t want us to point out how the Constitution orders them to conduct the business of government because that would get in the way of how they want to conduct their business. It is an inconvenient truth that our representatives do not get to do whatever they please and some in our government do not want you to understand that truth. 

Read the US Constitution for yourself, not like you “read” the phone transcript–by saying you should (because that’s what the President said) but not actually doing it (just as the President calculated). Actually, read the Impeachment clauses. Then understand this: the job of the House is to decide if impeachment is warranted. That means–the House forms a committee to investigate. The committee considers charges, seeks information, and looks at the evidence against the President in order to determine if a trail is justified. Once the investigators line out the evidence and present it to the whole body, the body votes, much like a grand jury. A YES vote means the House found enough evidence to go forward with a trial. A NO vote means the House did not find sufficient evidence to move forward. For only the third time in our nation’s history, the House vote confirmed the majority saw enough evidence to suggest significant wrong doing on the part of our 45th president. He should be allowed to defend himself and so we should proceed to the next phase of the impeachment–the trial.

All the belly-aching by the GOP about not giving the President an opportunity to counter the testimony or discredit the evidence against him was premature, a distraction in order to confuse the process in the minds of the American people, and as it turns out, a hollow critique. The House is not charged with the duty of conducting a trial–the part of the process where counter arguments are made, evidence is refuted, and witnesses are cross examined. The trial–what the Republicans pretended was happening during the hearing–is still to come. The trial is the part of the process left to the Senate.

Now however, Senator Mitch McConnell, who has publicly stated he is in league with the president with regard to the impeachment –does not want the evidence to be presented or the witnesses to be called. He has decided the opening arguments must be heard first, and then “we’ll see” if witnesses are necessary. The Senator does not want the truth to come out. He cannot avoid the trail, but he will do what he can to limit its scope and limit our access. He has already place severe restrictions on the Press.

Rest assured, Mitch McConnell’s mind is made up. He will pressure his Republican colleagues to acquit the President but he would rather do his arm twisting behind closed doors and having to deny, while the public stares it in the face, as little truth as possible. The fact that, since his appearance on FOX, the Senator has signed an oath to conduct the impeachment trail in an unbiased manner just goes to prove how dimwitted he believes the American people to be. And if his brazen statements on the Hannity Show truly revealed his hand, Mitch McConnell himself deserves to be impeached.

Will the public continue to be fooled? That is left to be seen. You can work to insist these proceedings be as fair and unbiased as possible. Call your senators. Tell them you expect them to honor their oaths of office and defend our Constitution even if it means crossing party lines. Urge them to demand to see all the evidence and hear all the testimony pertinent to the charges brought against the President. And finally, make it clear that the American people want access to this trial. The Bill of Rights guarantees us a free and unfettered press and we require nothing less!


  1. Meg…Please please, will you tell me the charges of corruption Trump had with Ukraine /Russia… EXACTLY what the House PROVED he did?

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  2. I assume you are referring to the Impeachment investigation and trial. The House found significant evidence against the president and is in process of proving (since the trial is still underway, despite Mitch McConnell not allowing witnesses and despite the White House withholding certain evidence) two things. 1). The President abused his power by withholding funds (which had already been approved by Congress) in order to pressure the Ukraine to announce an investigation into his political opponent, Joe Biden, and Biden’s son, Hunter. 2). That the President actively interfered in the investigation, withheld evidence, forbid his staff from testifying, and intimidated those who did testify. The two articles of impeachment that went to the Senate for a trial are abuse of power/attempting to bribe a foreign power to influence an election and obstruction of justice. Ukraine and Russia are not one in the same even if Russia doesn’t like that fact. The GOP has tried to confuse the public by accusing the Ukraine of interfering with the 2016 election but there is NO evidence to support that assertion. There is however a ton of evidence to show that Russia did in 2016 and is trying to do so again. FOX News is not an accurate source of information.

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