Posted by: minnow | October 13, 2019

From Which Rock Were You Hewn

The meme to the left says everything that needs to be said except for one thing. While it specifically references the Supreme Court, it really should be talking to each and every one of us. WE are responsible for what this Supreme Court does. We allowed the current administration to come to power. We allowed the Republican Congress to hamper President Obama. We did not bothered to vote in 2016. We are bored with politics.

Of course somewhere within the conversation someone asserts that we aren’t personally homophobic or racist or sexist or xenophobic which makes us ALL feel much better about our white privilege. These assertions also seem to justify proclaiming how the current state of affairs in the United States isn’t really our fault with memes  like the one to the right. But such an attitude is incorrect. We allow this president to represent us every single time we fail to speak out. When we’re too tired to call or write our Senators and Representative, when we excuse our lack of action with thoughts or statements like–“other people will call” “my vote doesn’t make a difference” “I already know what my ____________ is going to do/say”, when we watch someone else get harassed and fail to speak out, or when we tone police those who are angry, hurt, or oppressed and choosing to speak out, we are in essence supporting this president in all his ugliness.

The truth is–people in LGBTQ communities, people of color, people who practice faiths which aren’t specifically labeled Christian, and many women, live in fear in the United States. How well the Stock Market does should not matter when in fact the actions from the current administration whittle away at our freedom. His behavior services foreign dictators. And his policies concentrate more and more wealth in the top one percent. Our president has spit on the Constitution. His rhetoric stokes the flames of bigotry, hate, and fear. And, his attitudes undermine the security of our nation. This president does not deserve our allegiance or our respect–he deserves our contempt and our outrage. And, his followers–those neophytes who stand behind him at his ego rallies with gaping smile, ignorant chants, and a collective refusal to consider facts–do not deserve equal time with a mic. They deserve a cold shoulder. They deserve to be shutdown and shut up. They deserve to be ushered back to the rock from which they crawled.

To 45’s base I say–justify locking children in cages. Justify our nation turning its back on our allies and leaving them to be slaughtered. Justify thumbing your nose at the Constitution. Justify stealing from military families and veterans to built a useless wall. Justify the evil results of this administration’s policies. And  then, and only then,  point to our economy–which is actually leaving more and more of the working class behind–and pretend it is a good enough reason to support this president.

45 has already been given every chance he deserves to prove he cares about anyone or any thing other than himself. He does not. The time for deference toward him because of the office he holds has past. I will never support this president because this president will never change. Your right to expect graciousness from anyone impacted by this man or his administration has come to an end. I will not over look your bigotry. I will not ignore your greed. And, I will not give your white privilege a pass.

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