Posted by: minnow | May 27, 2019

Memorial Day

I’m one of the lucky few. All the soldiers I have known who went to war have come home. Far too many people cannot say that. MEMORIAL DAY remembers those who made the sacrifice of their lives so that we might know liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those who made it home deserve our respect and our care but this day, MEMORIAL DAY, is to honor the fallen.

As you encounter veterans today please recognize that this day may be especially difficult for them. They may be remembering friends and family members who did not make it home. Some may be suffering survivors guilt as a result. America has been engaged in war for 147  of her 243 years as a nation. That’s well over half of her existence. During these wars 949,503+ soldier, as estimated by the Department of Veterans Affairs and reported in a 2017 Memorial Day article by The Los Angeles Times, lost their lives in battle. Today, even while we honor the dead more American soldiers will join their numbers. The Global War on Terrorism is the longest single war in American history and has cost more lives than were lost on 9-11. For many veterans coming home does not end the war they fight it only makes their battles invisible to those around them. An estimate 20 active duty soldiers as well as veterans commit suicide every day. These victims of war also deserve our respect.

There are many political issues concerning war, soldiers, veterans, and foreign policy that we need to wrestle with especially as the 2020 election approaches. But today, let us set aside our political issues. Let us recognize those who died defending a country they believed in, fulfilling a duty they felt obligated to fulfill, and facing an enemy on whom we, as a nation, declared war. Their sacrifices, their deaths, are burdens we all must carry. And, they cannot be carried lightly. Their lives had meaning. Their deaths should not go unnoticed. Let us not confuse the living with the dead. The blood of the dead paves the road to our future. Let us remember them. And, let us honor them by acknowledging what they gave to secure what we have.

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