Posted by: minnow | March 25, 2019

Politics Spoken Here

Fair warning I talk politic–often. I also talk religion. Again, often. In fact, I often talk about them at the same time. The truth is, my personal faith impacts my political views. If you don’t like talking politics (or religion) I was probably never your FB friend or you have probably already blocked me, unfollowed me, or de-friended me. If you haven’t, you may want to consider it or be ready to scroll on by at an increased rate from now until November 3, 2020.

As the political season gets underway I will intentionally post about different candidates, what they say, what I agree (and don’t agree) with, and why I believe they’re worth checking out. I will have favorites and I will undoubtedly ignore some. This blog will focus primarily on the presidential race and key Senate and House races, but I am certain I will be involved with and vocal about my state politics as well.

Over a dozen democrats have already entered the presidential race. Most seem to support at least some of the same things I do. Only a couple, so far, are completely off my radar. Those who know me know I lean progressive so I prefer that candidates with progressive ideas rise to the top. That said, if 45 remains the only GOP or obvious nominee, I will without question vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination, even if I’m not currently looking his or her way.

Candidate with plans and policies, rather than sound bites and nay-saying have my attention. I am absolutely more interest in what a candidate is willing to work for than a bunch of empty promises. I want specifics. I want goals and I want action. My advice to the presidential hopefuls (especially those who already hold office): If you don’t have a priority list, if you aren’t already working on possible solutions to the problems we face then stop talking. The GOP has shown it won’t cross 45. It doesn’t seem to care one wit about anyone who isn’t white, male, wealthy, or some combination of the three. So, it’s up to the Democrats to give us something to care about!

I care about issues. Campaign financing, systemic racism, healthcare, climate change, the national debt, public education, a broken immigration system, a failing justice system, and our crumbling infrastructure are my top nine. I will find out what the various candidates have to say on these topics, and will blog about what I learn. In fact, I’ve  written my first piece already. You can find it here.

Putting my thoughts in a blog helps me understand my priorities, but I hope these posts get some feed back. I hope you share your thoughts and what you’ve learned elsewhere. But, just because I’m inviting engagement don’t mistakenly think anything goes. I will absolutely delete vulgar comments and will block those who spew hate. Defend your positions, back opinions up with facts, avoid calling people names, and and think before you engage.  I promise to do the same.



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