Posted by: minnow | January 20, 2019

Compromise on Obstruction?

The on-line Oxford English Dictionary defines compromise as: an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. It define obstructionist as: the practice of deliberately impeding or delaying the course of legal, legislative, or other procedures. Finally, it defines hostage as: a person seized or held as security for the fulfillment of a condition. What do these three words have in common? Well, as seen in articles, blogs, tweets, and memes, they current describe the politics in Washington. Federal employees are in effect being held hostage by the president because he wants a wall. 

The most recent proposal from the President merely exchanges one hostage (federal workers) for another (DACA recipients). Seriously, it’s a PR stunt by this administration. They have lost ground because federal workers are not a group 45 can easily vilify. He tried by calling them mostly Democrats but he can’t make it stick. So he’s scrambling.

In the deal offered by Congress before the holiday break, the administration got everything it asked for except a wall. Now, it’s acting as though the wall is the only thing it asked for rather than the only thing it didn’t get because if the American public understands that one thing they would also know that the administration is NOT negotiating in good faith, is NOT willing to compromise, and the Republican party, specifically Senator Mitch McConnell, is the only obstructionist.

45 alone benefits from the government shut down since it delays a lawsuit of which he is the target. Everyone else is harmed. The federal workers who must continue to work without pay suffer the most. Those who have been furloughed must scramble to find other work. The ripple effect to the rest of the economy becomes more damaging and intense every day the shut down drags on. Businesses and individuals aren’t getting the goods services they need, such as reimbursements for food vouchers, licenses, and permits. Finally, the very security 45 claims to be concerned about is actually threatened due to the fact that border security workers aren’t getting paid, airport security agents aren’t getting paid, the secret service isn’t getting paid, and federal agencies are working with skeleton crews.

If the President gets away with holding Federal employees hostage this time, he will do it again, and again, and again. Congress, Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Schumer must not flinch. They cannot afford to give in to the 45’s use of terror tactics on the American people. And, we, the people, need to become vocal on this issue. Call your senators. Make it clear to each of them that you do not want Congress to give in to the toddler-like behavior of this Administration. Tell them to put pressure on Senator McConnell, and the other obstructionist Republicans, to reopen the government NOW. Congress and the President are getting paid during this shutdown. Insist they earn their pay checks and get the country moving again.

We all want security, just ask Linus. But our security can’t be achieved by a wall the way Linus’ is by a blanket. We need representatives who are willing to work together.Remind your congressmen and women that after the government reopens you expect them to negotiate in good faith, to find those pieces of border security and immigration reform that moves the country forward and on which they can agree. We will be a more secure people when Congress acts in our best interests, when protecting the protecting the most vulnerable from the destructive policies and actions of this administration becomes a priority and when bullies and blowhards are held to account.

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