Posted by: minnow | October 22, 2018

To Boldly Go

People are tired of division, and name calling, and of one group of politicians calling the other group of politician hypocrites when both groups are screaming the same childish rhetoric. Don’t get me wrong; I do not believe both parties are equally corrupt or equally unAmerican. I am only saying both can’t seem to get past their middle school antics.

Senator Schumer’s speech, encouraging people to vote if they’re angry about how the Senate handled the Kavanaugh nomination, sounded nice. But, convincing people to vote for Democrats in the next election is not enough. If the Democrats manage to win a majority in the House, and possibly the Senate as well, they will need to prove themselves worthy of the public trust.

If a BLUE wave hits Congress in November, the newly elected and re-elected Democrats must change how business is done in Washington. If that doesn’t happen, those who voted for them this time around won’t be voting for them again. Should Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi remain the Democratic leaders, they have their work cut out for them. The electorate will be watching and placating voters with angry sound bytes or pointing fingers at the Republicans won’t be tolerated. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Voters want action–and I don’t mean patting us on the head and taking meeting with wealthy donors. You should consider the following priority list your marching orders.


The public has a right to know where every penny for every politician originates. Dark money must be brought to light. And, every candidate running for office should be required to produce his or her tax returns for the past 10 years. If we are expected to entrust politicians with our budget we have a right to know how they’ve handled their own.

In a Democratic Republic we should be making it easier for people to vote rather than more difficult. All eligible voters should be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18. Polling places need to be centralized and determined by population density and voter accessibility. Districts, too, need to be refigured to undo the bias created by gerrymandering. One solution would be to strike down the 1967 law banning multiple-member districts and adopt a proportional system of electing representatives.


The majority of Americans want single payer healthcare. No other developed nation spends as much on health related issues as the United States. In no other developed nation do individuals go bankrupt due to healthcare bills.Healthcare, health insurance, and prescription drugs should be non-profit industries. Our healthcare problems are a perfect example of capitalism run amok.


The current administration’s refugee and immigration policies are a national embarrassment, but worse than that they are inhumane. Every effort must be made to undo the damage done by separating families at our southern border and banning people from certain predominantly Muslim countries without cause. We need to reaffirm the success of programs like DACA, find new ways to solve the problem of undocumented workers, and make immigration to the United States safe, timely, and possible, especially for those fleeing poverty, oppression, and danger in their own countries. American must take responsibility for the ways in which our foreign policies have contributed to the instability in the world–and change our behavior.


Racial bias plays a key roll in our justice system, our educational system, and our economy. Recognizing this fact is a first step to finding solutions to the racial problems we face, but we cannot stop there. We must find ways to review arrests and sentences along racial lines and adjust biased authoritative behavior.  We must change funding for education so poverty ridden areas (which are often predominately populated by people of color) are not short changed. And, we need to empower individuals (especially POC) who want to start small businesses in economically oppressed areas so we can begin to change the atmosphere of those areas. Crises like the unsafe water conditions in Flint and the hurricane recovery efforts in Porte Rico deserve our full attention until the damage is repaired and the danger averted because as a nation we cannot afford to allow our compassion to be dictated by race based greed.


No other developed nation has the gun violence problem the US has. We need to regulate guns the same way we regulate cars–not to take guns away from law abiding citizens but to protect all citizens. We should have mandatory safety training and background checks, renewable licenses and registrations, and limits on the type of weapons available to the general public. It should be more difficult to buy a gun and ammunition than an over the counter cold medication.


If not now, addressing international concerns about the environment will be too late. Our stewardship of the planet is literally a matter of life and death. We must reestablish our commitment to the Paris Accord. We must renew our commitment to developing green energy. We must join international efforts to clean the world’s oceans and reduce our carbon footprint. We must reverse the administrations assault on public lands and reaffirm our commitment to protect our nation’s waterways.


We know Russia tried to influence our presidential election in 2016. We also know little has been done to stop them from continuing their interference. Democrats must act immediately to empower those who can protect our elections from outside interference to do everything in their power to do so. Safety from outside physical threats are no longer the only danger we face as a nation. In that light, the Democrats in Congress must also guarantee the Mueller probe has everything it needs to complete its investigation.

POLITICS AS USUAL is no longer an option. If Democrats are given another chance in November, they MUST listen to the people who voted for them. We want action. We want change. We want it now. And, we are watching.

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