Posted by: minnow | July 20, 2018

Actions Speak Louder than Words

One lesson repeated throughout my childhood was the adage: actions speak louder than words. And given how many words my family could speak, discussing issues and ideas at the family dinning table, that was saying something. Monday (7/16) the world watched as our President, with jaw dropping indifference, sided with Russia against the United States, threw our intelligence community under the bus, discarded our allies, abandoned our foundational principles of sovereignty, liberty, equality, and justice, all to defend his electoral win. Even 45’s own advisors were shocked: what the world heard is not what they planned for him to say. Immediately certain Republicans distanced  themselves from the President, including Montana’s Republican Senator and Congressman (despite having campaigned with his earlier in the month) as well as Democrat Senator Jon Tester. (Tester’s Republican opponent for the November election, on the other hand, stood by 45).

Once home from the Helsinki summit, the President began to “clarify”. Evidently (after realizing the outrage that had risen up against him) he “misspoke”, meant “wouldn’t” when he said would, was confused by the “double negative”. I personally call BS. But, even setting aside his direct statement clearing Putin of culpability, the sum total of what 45 said during the press conference made crystal clear: our president has no intension of holding the Russians responsible for meddling in the 2016 election. Remember, back in May 45 eliminated a key position which was responsible for monitoring cybersecurity and defending against hacks and further attacks against free and fair elections. Actions speak louder than words.

45’s back peddling was clearly a play to his base which in the past has been more than willing to accept his version of events. If 45 said his talks with Kim Jong-un were substantive, they were. If 45 says Russia didn’t do it, they didn’t. If he says he misspoke, they do not even care about what or when–it was an innocent mistake. Whether it’s greedy self interest or ignorant bigotry keeping them loyal, they are his, just as obviously as 45 is Putin’s. Regardless of the loyalty of 45’s base, no question exists within the minds of our intelligence community, our allies, most members of Congress, and all who have NOT abandon our national integrity for political or personal gain, that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. When Mueller’s investigation concludes we will know to what extent. We will also find out if any Americans aided and abetted–colluded–with Russia.

45’s Helsinki summit woes don’t end with siding with Putin against the US Intelligence community, he also agreed to consider letting Russian intelligence interrogate Americans, including a former ambassador to Russia. To understand how out of line such an idea is, the US Senate immediately voted 98-0 against Putin’s proposal. In other words, even senators, who up to this point seemed to think 45 could do no wrong, refused to consider Putin’s proposal which 45 called “an incredible offer”.

Was 45’s behavior at the Helsinki summit treasonable? You might think so based on the memes, posts, and articles plaster all over social media. But social media is not a court of law. We must be patient. whether or not there is even an investigation currently depends on the 51 Republican senators and 236 Republican representatives who currently control Congress. They have the power to hold hearings, issue subpoenas, and draw up resolutions of censure. They can give Robert Mueller the time and resources he needs to continue his investigation. They can also work to assure any additional interference is exposed and rendered ineffective. Thus far they have seemed reluctant to do much. And their inaction speaks louder than words.

On the other hand,, if Congress continue to do-nothing we, the voters, can act. The 2018 elections are a little more than three months away. The question of 45’s loyalty between Russia or the United States is not the only issue on the table, though it ought to be the most important. But if for some reason you think the whole Russia thing is just the Left and the Right trying to play political football, then set it aside. Get registered and vote because of what has been happening to families at our southern border. Get registered and vote because Congress gave tax breaks to the wealthy who used their new wealth to buy back stock and become even more wealthy rather than increase wages for their workers. Get registered and vote because Congress has destabilized the ACA and millions more people are now without healthcare. Get registered and vote because Congress has undone the safeguards put in place in 2008 when banks were deemed too big to fail and now they are even bigger and the consumer is unprotected. Get registered and vote because jobs continue to pour out of the country.

The point is, the biggest change that can happen is if our actions speak louder than our words. If we don’t like what we see in politics, if we don’t like what’s happening in our country we can complain or even protest. BUT actions speak louder than words. Change is up to us so–get registered and VOTE.


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