Posted by: minnow | July 1, 2018

I Will Be Civil

The Right says they care about civility. But, they take what people like Rep. Maxine Waters say, embellish and twist it, then create a lie to tell their base so they can fuel anger, and hatred, and violence not just toward Maxine but toward everyone they label “the Left” and all they see as less worthy. Are any on the Left guilty of similar behavior? Yes, I’m sure we could find some ready to exchange blow for blow. And we would probably find some who consider themselves intellectually superior. They’re there. Still, you would be hard pressed to find the same ugliness the same blatant lying coming from the leadership on the Left. So, I do not believe the Right when they say they care about civility or humanity. And, I will not believe the Right so long as they refuse to look in a mirror or so long as they refuse to hold their leadership accountable for the vile verbiage vomiting from their mouths and the inhumane policies they promote. The Right DOES NOT care about civility. So deflect if you must, but I will not yield the “both sides” argument–certainly not now and perhaps not ever.

Even so, I will be civil.

Not because the Left is treated civilly but because true discourse, honest problem solving, faithful allegiance to the Constitution, and upholding the principles of justice, freedom, and equality cannot happen without civility of speech and non-violent protest. Speaking in front of a rally in Atlanta on Saturday Representative John Lewis,  had a little something to say on the subject. He told the crowd gathered to protest the administration’s immigration policy that, when he heard the children being held in cages at our borders crying for their parents, it made him cry. That folks, is true civility. He then encouraged his audience to never give up. He reminded them of his history of fighting the good fight, that people used to say we would never have a Civil Rights Act but that they marched and it happened. In a candid note of self reflection and solidarity he told those listening:

Look, you know I been talking for some time and getting in trouble. It’s time for some of us to get in good trouble, necessary trouble. In the final analysis we may have to turn America upside down to get Her set right side up. But whatever we do, do it in an orderly, peaceful, non-violent fashion. And as Dr. King said on so many occasions, ‘Never, never ever hate, for hate is too heavy a burden to bear. The way of love is a much better way.’

A few seconds later Congressman Lewis concluded his speech reminding the people that “our foremothers and forefathers came to this land in different ships but we all in the same boat now.” And, that we had a duty to “show the world that we are better than what’s going on in America today.” I cannot agree more with Representative Lewis and Representative Waters. It costs us nothing to be civil but it costs us dearly to remain silent. The time for complacency is past. The time for letting others decide is over. We must. Stand up. Speak out. Resist hatred and fear and violence. And we must VOTE.




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