Posted by: minnow | June 10, 2018

I Don’t Understand

So I’ve let March, and April, and May go by without blogging. To be honest, I haven’t written since February because I’ve been wondering what writing actually accomplishes. Two or three people might view my posts and usually one of them is my son. So, what difference does putting my opinions out there actually make? But lately, I’ve been wondering something else. Why aren’t more people writing? Why aren’t more people outraged? I don’t understand.

When I was growing up I believed the United States really was the best place in the world. I thought everyone would be an American if they could be. I thought we actually were a country where others could come to find open arms, opportunities, and hope for their weary hearts. I didn’t know about the dark places in our nation’s history until I was an adult, an older adult if I truly being honest.

When I was growing up I also believed Christians were a big part of what made America great. I thought if we all would just treat people the way Christians did the world would be a better place. Of course, I had wonderful role models. The pastor of Sunrise Presbyterian Church, Lincoln Anderson, walked the talk and Mrs. Baker predictable brought fried chicken to every pot luck dinner and always, always had something kind to say. Just thinking about her smile makes me feel warm. In high school my Young Life leaders, Glen and Cheri Govertsen Showed me that Christians could be fun as well as kind and faithful. Just a week ago I ran into Glen and he called me by name.  I hadn’t seen him in years. He’s lead hundreds of kids over the years but he remembered my name.

The truth is, most of the Christians I have known personally have shown me kindness. They have helped me when I needed it. Their doors have never slammed in my face, directly. Some have even let me rant, or cry, or swear, without showing me the door, personally. Still, I don’t understand. I turn on the news. I read my news feed on Facebook. I check out podcasts and talk shows and I am appalled.

Evil reigns in the White House yet is called good by Church leaders. But, the body of Christ remains silent. The principles and ideals the United States and the Church once stood on are threatened, torn apart, falsified, and poisoned. But, the body of Christ remains silent. God’s children of color are torn from the arms of their earthly parents at our borders. Others are beaten and shot by police in our streets. But, the body of Christ remains silent. Greedy self interest protected by fear mongering run rampant in the halls of our government and spews from the pulpits in far too many fellowship halls. But, the body of Christ remains silent. The checks put in place by our Founding Fathers to protect us from would-be Despots and Theocrats have been ignored. But, the Body of Christ remains silent.

I don’t understand. I can’t figure out why I am surrounded by so much silence. How is it possible for the loving, hard working, fearless people I once knew to remain silent?

I don’t understand. I have felt helpless. And, it is breaking my heart. But, If I let it keep me silent, too, then evil wins. If I let the evil I see make me too afraid to fight back, then evil wins. And it cannot, must not, win.

Wake up, Church. The Spirit is calling us out of the wilderness. It is time to march.

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