Posted by: minnow | January 21, 2018

Sophie’s Choice

Back in the early 80’s Meryl Streep starred in a movie about a Polish holocaust survivor named Sophie. As her story unfolds we discover a Nazi soldier made her choose between her two children who would be “sparred” and who would be killed. Sophie was obviously put in a no-win situation. The latest game being played out by the GOP reminded me of this movie. Senator Mitch McConnell (up for re-election in 2020) gave Dems a choice–DACA or CHIP. He thought it would be a no brainer. I guess that’s what happens when fear and race and greed control your thinking–choosing between children becomes a no-brainer.

Make no mistake America–the GOP, lead by 45, Senator McConnell, and Speaker Ryan want you to think the Democrats are at fault for the government shutdown. Yet, the GOP holds the cards. The GOP controls the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. The GOP failed to produce a budget on time. The GOP asked for not one, not two, not three, but four extensions in order to get the budget worked out. Three times the Democrats went along. Only the fourth time around was the GOP denied.

GOP priorities are frankly out of line with the American people. Last summer when the GOP had all the time in the world to come up with a budget–and mind you a budget takes a simple majority to get passed–they failed. Instead, they thought it was more important to try and repeal the ACA, again, and again, and again. They failed every time. This fall, after they were given their first extension, did the GOP get to work on a budget? NO! They decided it was more important, after failing to undo Obamacare outright, to give their patrons a multibillion dollar tax cut which will add 1.5 trillion to the national debt and include provisions which damage the integrity of the ACA. Paying their donors back before the Christmas break was of greater urgency than guaranteeing the government had enough money to remain operational after the Christmas break.

A simple majority is all it takes to pass the budget–51 Senators, which they have, and 218 Representatives, they have 238. A simple majority, because a budget resolution cannot be filibustered, and the signature of the president is all it takes. Yet after eight years of obstructionist politics the GOP cannot deliver on one of their primary responsibilities. For the last 10 years the only thing the GOP has had relative success doing, is stoping others from serving the will of the American people.

Midterm elections are in less than 10 months. Every representative and the following senators are up for re-election. Look into how your senator and representative voted. Find out who or what supports them and who or what they support. Then ask yourself–Does this person fight for my values, vote in America’s best interests, and up hold our Constitution. If you cannot honestly answer yes to each of those criteria find someone who can!

As for me–I will do everything in my power to see Jon Tester re-elected to the Senate–He cares about Montanans. He fights for veterans. He believes in high quality public education. And, he supports family farms and small business development. I will also do everything in my power to see Greg Gianforte defeated. He wants to give away hard earned money in the form of tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. He’d like to sell off public land to the highest bidder. And, he doesn’t believe in keeping big banks, manufacturers, environmental polluters, or corporations in check.

Here’s the list of senators up for re-election or whose seat will be open. Remember also every representative is up for re-election as well.

Jeff Flake AZ/R–not running/seat will be open         Dianne Feinstein CA/D

Chris Murphy CN/D                                                          Tom Carper DE/D

Bill Nelson FL/D                                                                Mazie Hirono HI/D

Joe Donnelly IN/D                                                             Angus King ME/I

Ben Cardin MD/D                                                              Elizabeth Warren MA/D

Debbie Stabenow MI/D                                                     Amy Klobuchar MN/D

Roger Wicker MS/R                                                           Claire McCaskill MO/D

Jon Tester MT/D                                                                Deb Fischer NE/R

Dean Heller NV/R                                                              Bob Menendez NJ/D

Martin Heinrich NM/D                                                     Kirstein Gillibrand NY/D

Heidi Heitkamp ND/D                                                      Sherrod Brown OH/D

Bob Casey Jr. PA/D                                                            Sheldon Whitehouse RI/D

Bob Corker TN/R not running/seat will be open        Ted Cruz TX/R

Orrin Hatch UT/R not running/seat will be open      Bernie Sanders VT/I

Tim Kaine VA/D                                                                 Maria Cantwell WA/D

Joe Manchin WV/D                                                           Tammy Baldwin WI/D

John Barrasso WY/R

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