Posted by: minnow | September 12, 2017

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

As the most qualified person to have ever run for the presidency Hillary Rodham Clinton should have been the unanimous pick. We could have had a smart, capable, compassionate president.  Clinton would have kept favor with our allies and caused concern among our opponents. The EPA would still be protecting the environment. The Department of Education would still be focused on a quality public education. DACA children and Muslim immigrants would still be welcome in our nation. More than 60% of the appointments that should have been made by this point in her presidency would have been made, including the appointments of several key Ambassadors–South Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Geneva, Turkey, and more.

As a feminist, I was more than disappointed by the results of the 2016 election; I was depressed. For months I was depressed. How did we not only NOT elect the most qualified person on the planet but also end up with HIM? Wake me up from this nightmare. Someone, please, explain this to me! …I get it.

But in all honesty Hillary, you and the DNC should have known better.  We all should have known better. You and the DNC were sadly, tragically disconnected from the hearts and minds of the American people. You, and the intellectual, reasonable, comfortable folks on the Left. You–WE–failed to see the anger, not on the part of feminists like yourself and like me who felt it was a woman’s turn, but the anger on the part of the working class Americans who needed someone to understand what was happening to them. For your part, you played by the rules after a life time of having the rules shoved in your face. You met every criteria and then some. But, the game changed without most on the Left realizing it. Waiting your turn was no longer enough. Playing nice was no longer an option. Being more qualified than every single man in the room no longer mattered.

I admit, I haven’t read your book.  I would probably agree with most of it. But, if you blame Bernie Sanders for your loss, you only prove how disconnected from the heart and soul of the American people you still are. Bashing the man who tried to hand you the play book for the new game you found yourself in, is simply sour grapes. I’m sorry being the best wasn’t enough. I can’t begin to understand your disappointment and frustration after years of taking the hits for other people. The whole situation is unfair. It stinks.  But it’s over. The election is over. And we MUST move on. Let history sort out the mess. I can almost guarantee, you will be vindicated.

TODAY–Democrats need to stop looking backwards in order to blame someone for Clinton’s loss. The DNC screwed the Democrats by playing old school politics. Clinton was never going to win just by playing by the rules. That she was the most qualified candidate both when she ran against Obama and when she ran against 45 didn’t matter. Hillary Rodham Clinton had too much baggage, not because she deserved the baggage–SHE DIDN’T–but because the “Good ol’ Boys Club” doesn’t work for women and the GOP and the religious right would rather lock arms with a Nazi sympathizer than let THAT WOMAN win. She was smart.  She was savvy. She adjusted her image like a chameleon. She stood by her man. Nothing that would actually matter received our attention. The Right sold their collective soul and the Left was a deer in the head lights, unable or unwilling to see how the game had changed.

If 2018 or 2020 is going to be any different, Democrats need a makeover! But, it must be more than cosmetic. Sanders, Warren, Booker, Kennedy, and Harris are currently the Democrats strongest voices in Washington. If the Dems want to take back the House and make a run on the Senate in 2018 and 2020 they must listen to these voices. Democrats must get the pulse of the people. And who better to help them with that than Bernie Sanders. They must fight to get big money out of politics. And who better to help them with that than Elizabeth Warren. They must championing younger politicians–men and women, but especially people of color. And who better to help them with that than Cory Booker, Joe Kennedy, and Kamela Harris.

We live in a world of soundbites and memes. Twitter puts the topic on the agenda and Facebook gets the ball rolling. 1000 word blogs and multiple page policy papers might be able to flesh out some details but the fact remains: we now live our lives with 140 characters. The intellectual snobs on the Left must rise to the occasion or plan on writing their shoulda, coulda, woulda swan songs into the apocalypse.  It’s not going to be easy; but it really is that simple.



  1. I agree with almost all of what you say. I am still in shock, which is reinforced every day with the evil and incompetence displayed.

    However, yes, I do blame Bernie Sanders, and I resent him hugely. He is not, or has he ever been, a Democrat. In fact, those in the Senate with him said prior to him running, he rarely, if ever, even caucused with them.

    He came out blazing, with a lot of pie-in-the-sky stuff that sounds good, but is in no way practical or achievable, at least in the short term, and lambasted Hillary’s measured, centrist approach as “no better than Republicans.” We were told that there was really no difference between Hillary and Trump. The rhetoric from him And his supporters was very often the same as from the Republicans. If he had such a problem with the Democrat party, he should have attempted to work with his colleagues in the Senate, or run as an Independent. Instead, he came to “remake” or “blow up” the party. The new playbook was a failure. It was unrealistic and impractical.

    He received from the very party he criticized and WAS NOT PART OF, resources, a platform, money, and access to the ballot that he could never have gott n as an Independent. He took away time, resources, and focus that could have been better used, and because of him, we ended up with “Bernie Bros,” (and I dealt with a lot of them), who refused to vote for her under any circumstances. I do believe that was a huge reason the turnout was so low, something that is still unfathomable to me in such a crucial election. He essentially stole things that belonged to the Democrat party in an attempt to divide it. Because, once again, he is NOT a Democrat and had no history with the party at all before this. And he cost her time, money, and energy away from the Republicans.

    If Democrats had winner-take-all delegates like the Republicans do, she would have shut him down in February. But, they don’t, so it took longer, while the Republicans focused on the general. His decision to stay in the race after it was clear he could not win led to a lot of hurt and division that was unnecessary. He had enough delegates that he had a lot of policy leverage on the platform and could have used that positively in the Senate, as well. He chose not to.

    Is he the only reason she is not president? Nope. Comey and the Russians (who we KNOW bought illegal ads on FB, provided intentional misinformation, and hacked into voter registration roles days before the election), blatant misogyny (I heard more than one woman say she wasn’t qualified because she is a woman), the electoral college (which is now almost all winner-take-all unlike when it was formed and values votes in certain States higher than in other states), gerrymandering and voter suppression all played a part.

    I have to assign the highest responsibility to misogyny. There’s no other explanation why people would vote for a thrice-married, twice-divorced admitted sexual predator, pedophile, who raped one wife and cheated on all of them, racist man who steals from his contractors and employees, who stole from Saint Jude’s, and who stated that he was the only candidate for president who ever profited from running, who says that his greatest goal is revenge against people who wronged him. A man who was raised and still lives in the lap of luxury, has. Never dealt with the issues the “common people” have, and blatantly says that he is for big business and his “friends need to make money.” About the most elitist insider there is. There is no other explanation.

    Did her campaign make mistakes? Maybe, I am not qualified to answer that. Did the DNC make mistakes? Their first one was in allowing someone who was not a Democrat and had no ties to the party to run as a Democrat In the first place. They allowed him to speak for them, when they should not, and to try to change the message.

    The fact is that Dems have the voice of the people, as shown in the 3M more votes she got. Frankly, I am not sure there was anything she could do to “win over” the rural, misogynistic voters who voted to screw themselves and their children.

    And we as a country have lost and may not make it to 2018. What needs to be done to take back the House and Senate is to undo the gerrymandering and block the voter suppression laws in those states: this IS happening. Hopefully in time: The fact that the Republicans admittedly “aren’t prepared to govern” and “did not know this would be so complicated” is hurting them badly. Mueller has a LOT. That we know about. And a lot more we don’t.

    What the Dems need is a clear, coherent message, which I see them developing. And new faces for 2020. That will likely come. Meanwhile, they are standing up and being heard, and the Republicans in Congress are backing away from Trump as he burns bridges.

    He will always have his base. The problem is he is pandering to the worst of them, which is costing him with moderate Republicans and Indeoendents, and hinbase is shrinking rapidly. Dems need to reach out to those Independents.

  2. You make a lot of declarations–such as “those in the Senate with him said prior to him running, he rarely, if ever, even caucused with them” without backing up your statements with evidence. While Sanders wasn’t always a part of the Democratic caucus (because they wouldn’t let him) he is now and has even been tapped for a leadership position within the caucus.

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