Posted by: minnow | May 9, 2017

Demand an Independent Investigation NOW


I have started 5 posts since May 5.  Obviously I haven’t finished any of them yet, but stuff keeps triggering my thoughts. Even so none of it fell in the urgent category so I jotted down a few thoughts and figured I could always come back to it later.  Then today, I hear the President fired the director of the FBI, James Comey, on the recommendation of Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Yes, that’s right, the same FBI director who announced his office would reopen its investigation into Clinton’s e-mails 10 days before the election but failed to mention that the GOP candidate and his campaign were also under investigation has been fired.  But that isn’t all.  Just after his confirmation, Sessions, the man who recommended 45 fire Comey, needed to recuse himself from the investigation into the President and his campaign’s involvement with Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. You see, Sessions had met with the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, twice during the 2016 campaign but failed to disclose that information during his confirmation hearings. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  In fact, if this were a Hollywood movie we’d all be giving the plot a cynical, “Naaaah, come on. We’d never let that sh@# happen.”  And yet, it’s happening.

If the time is ever going to come for politicians to set aside their party differences and–for the security of our nation–demand we hold an independent investigation into Russia’s interference with our election and the President’s knowledge of Russia’s interference, that time is NOW!  Impeachment proceedings were brought against President Clinton for less.  The only other president to fire someone in the middle of an investigation which implicated him was Richard Nixon.  We must call out the President and demand he quit meddling in the cause of justice.

I’ve written both my senators urging that they request an independent investigation.  Now I urge you, let your representatives know you are watching.  Tell them you want action.  Put pressure on Washington by raising the bar of your expectations.  When we unite, we can make a difference.  Democrats and Republicans alike must be warned the electorate is no longer willing to sit idle while Washington ignores our concerns. If they refuse to listen and act on our behalf we will show up at the ballot box and let them know–Americans not Russians, the people not politicians, votes not money run this country.  They have until November 6, 2018 to show us who they represent.

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