Posted by: minnow | April 8, 2017

Shock, Ummm,…and Distraction

Please do not mistake 45’s reactionary bombing of Syria as concern for the citizens of Syria.  Nor should you assume the Administration has a well thought out plan with regard to Syria’s use of chemical weapons, the terror perpetrated on the Syrian people by their own government, or the ISIS stronghold in that country.  His reasons could be many but none of them have anything to do with compassion, logic, or policy.

45 has proved he could not care less about the Syrian people.  His immigration and refugee policies reveal a fear mongering, racist mentality which is not only unbecoming for a political figure in the United States but the antithesis of who Americans have claimed to be since our beginnings.  Yet, they are the essence of this administration. In my opinion, the President is doing what he has always done–using an emotionally charge situation to manipulate the American people and the press.  He was desperate for a distraction from his plummeting poll numbers, the Senate’s shoving Gorsuch down our throats, and the ongoing investigation into his collusion with Russia.  59 Tomahawk missiles provided a big distraction.

His pre-election threat to “bomb the hell out of ’em” is looking more and more like the foreign policy “plan” 45 has chosen to engage. Of course, there is one minor adjustment–the Administration didn’t go after ISIS.  That the press so quick hailed the air strike as presidential is shameful and possibly as disconcerting as the fact that the President warned Russia (or was he seeking permission) before he sent the missiles.

The conflict in Syria is not a simple case of good guys VS bad guys.  Like healthcare, Mr. President, it’s complicate. It requires, deserves, more than reactionary military might. For those who want to understand, at least a little, what makes it so dicy, this brief put out by the BBC explains how they Syrian people are not only fleeing from Bashar al-Assad, their own president, but are also in danger from ISIS, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, the Kurds as well as other “support” nations and groups.  Sometimes some of these groups are fighting one another and sometimes they join with each other (sort of) to fight a common enemy.  Syria is a mess and the President’s actions did nothing to improve the situation.

If 45 truly wants to be Presidential, he should open our doors to the “beautiful babies” being gassed by Bashar al-Assad.  He should be in the situation room so he’s available as the events unfold not dinning at Mar-a-Lago.  If the press wants to praise those who are actually bringing relief to the situation, who truly show compassion, strength, and courage, then they should give a shout out to groups like The International Network for Aid, Relief, and Assistance.  This organization goes into high conflict areas to provide medical aid to children. They are not the only group with boots on the ground but they are definitely one of them.

No one has given Bashar al-Assad a pass.  That said–the Administration has not earned the cheers and high-fives it has received.  With no clear Middle East policy, with no plan to go after ISIS, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda, and with an uninformed and divided Congress, 45’s go it alone, shoot first ask questions later, go big or go home mentality should be seem for what it truly is–a dangerous and potentially deadly game of shock and mirrors.  It is a costly distraction.  And, Americans may be paying for it with their lives.





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