Posted by: minnow | March 1, 2017

So How Did POTUS Do?

When 45 sticks to the script he actually sounds quite intelligent.  He speaks in complete, coherent sentences. He even can appear to have a heart.  The post speech talking heads all seemed to agree last night’s address had fewer references to himself than any speech they could recall. And while singling out individuals who had suffered loss at the hands of undocumented immigrants was seem by some as unfairly maligning immigrants, using Bill Owen’s widow was a powerful move.  Of course, it may backfire if Owen’s dad gets the investigation he wants but in the short term it humanized our new president a little at a time when he needed it most. But, what did our new president actually say in his address?
A quick Fact Check of 45’s speech last night reveals he hasn’t stopped fabricating the truth.
Once again, 45 accused immigrants of costing the US billions of dollars.  Do they?
Ultimately the statement is FALSE. Over the long haul, the positive financial impact of immigrants out weighs the short term expense.
He took credit for saving millions on the F-35 fighter.
This statement was also FALSE. Most of these savings were secured under President Obama.
POTUS claimed a massive tax cut for the middle class.
In FACT, the most massive cut benefits the top. On average his plan will result in an over $200,000dollar savings for the richest 1%. Additionally, the proposed program cuts which will allow for the tax relief hurt working class Americans by removing safety nets.
He stated that 94 million Americans are out of the labor force.
In TRUTH however, his figure included every teen and adult 16 and older. Some of these people are WORKING in school instead of for pay, a good many have RETIRED after working their whole lives, and another percentage are stay at home moms who WORK taking care of children and/or aging parents.
The President also bashed immigrants by saying the vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism since 9/11 were foreign born.
The REALITY, however is quite different.  Home grown, born in the US, terrorists actually account for over half the terror attacks in the US according to both the Justice Department and Homeland Security.
Additionally, POTUS took credit for jobs he hasn’t created and asserted that the ACA is collapsing without providing evidence to back up his assertion.  He waxed eloquently about working together but directed his most critical remarks to the Democratic side of the chamber.
The President bragged about cutting red tape in order to get the economy rolling again. And, no doubt removing protections from the EPA and deregulating big banks and Wall Street will have a short term positive effect on the economy. However, we are not so far removed from the public bail-out of 2008 that we should be blind to the dangers of an unfettered banking system. Even as our politicians betray us, the public should be seriously concerned about the long term impact of deregulation. We should also be aware of how disastrous and expensive failing to protect our environment can become.  For the past 35 years the EPA has committed over a billion dollars a year to cleaning up hazardous materials.
The last big announcement made by POTUS was a proposal to increase the military’s budget by $54 billion dollars. However, when the military can’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars from its past budgets, increasing their budget should be laughable. Since POTUS thinks his get rid of two regulations for every new regulation created is so clever perhaps he should apply the same thinking to the Pentagon—for every new dollar of spending they “need” they ought to cut two dollars of waste or at least be forced to account for it!
While most commentators can’t seem to get over how eloquent and civil the President can sound when he’s reading someone else’s words, I plan to wait for actual policy to be enacted before I take those words at face value. If the last 30 days have taught us anything, they surly taught us things are not always as they seem in this new administration.  45 may be the most unpredictable political figure  in Washington but but he is not the only politician we need to watch. the newly empowered GOP, hiding behind their lightening rod President, may soon inflict just as much damage as 45 already has.

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