Posted by: minnow | February 7, 2017

Dear Republicans in Congress

I understand some of you may still be feeling giddy from your newly acquired power–the House, the Senate, the Executive Branch and soon the Judiciary.  You got it all! And the only thing you had to do to get all this power was lie a little or keep your mouths shut. I bet you hardly know what to do first now that you’ve won.  The possibilities are endless. Maybe you will decide to take the breaks off Wall Street.  Dismantle the Affordable Care Act, you know the healthcare plan you nicknamed Obamacare just to make it less palatable. Perhaps you will dissolve the EPA. Who needs clean air or water?  Flint has survived for years now without it. I bet one of the first things you do is sell off our public lands to the highest bidder.  Your “friends” with money will be able to get more oil and gas and coal that way.  Or, maybe you want to focus on gutting public education with a voucher system so only the rich can afford to be educated and the rest of us can keep populating the service industries and trades.  Oh, I know, your first big order of business will probably be to open the way to privatizing the penal system.  The for profit owners could even charge the inmates rent, thereby creating a permanent class of indentured servants.

Didn’t you think we could read between the lines?!  Americans aren’t stupid.  Despite career politicians treating us as if we are.  Our worst quality is that we had too much faith.  We trusted you who have made a career in politics to actually care about serving the common good. Most in your party who voted for the President did so because he promised to drain the swamp not fill it with alligators. But, thanks to YOUR leader your party has woken the cynic in your ranks. And, it has woken the realist, and the hard working activist on the left.  So, we are going back to our roots, to the place President Obama got his start.  And we will rise–one community activist at a time.

Progressives will rise because even though you have shown us now, by passing The President‘s cabinet picks–Flynn, Puzder, DeVos, Sessions, Tillerson, Zinke, Mnuchin, Mulvaney, Price, and Pruitt–that you have no interest in representing Americans or America’s interests, we have opened our eyes. We are tracking your votes.  We are following the money.  We know who and what you support.  And, WE DON’T LIKE IT!

So, before you completely destroy Her sovereignty, before you totally  decimate Her beauty, before you manage to gut Her of all Her compassion and liberty and justice  WE THE PEOPLE will organize.  We will fight.  And we will win. All those calls you tried to pawn off as robots, they were an awakened electorate. So take heed–we are not going to settle down.  We are not going to compromise with the devil.  We are not going to quietly fade into the background or be intimidated by your Bully. Comparisons of Your President to Hitler aside, America is not Germany in the 1930s.  History is our ally and we can learn from the past.  You may feel giddy with power right now but your glee will not last.  Yet, our passion for what is just and what is good will!


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