Posted by: minnow | January 29, 2017

To My Progressive Friends

I get it; I’m mad as hell and everything in me wants to break glass. If only doing so would achieve a purpose and not simply make a mess. {sigh}

I, too, did not understand women belittling other women for marching. And when someone suggested the resources it took to pull off the January 21st Women’s March could have been better allocated, I was incensed. How dare they!  We were marching for every woman! even those who CHOSE to remain ignorant.  Just a couple days later, I heard myself lamenting the annual waste of resources by the Right to Life March and their continuous support for GOP candidates who say the right thing but who make laws and policies which burden the already burdened poor, single parents, unwed pregnant women, etc. When I heard myself doing the very thing I was so frustrated by the other side for doing I started thinking…I must find a way to connect with those who do not see what I see because until a larger portion of this nation stands up for freedom and justice for all we will be lost.  The disenfranchised, the ignorant, and even the vilified do not trust that government or even other Americans care about their pain.

I understand how difficult this sounds–they don’t want to understand–they’re burring their heads in the sand–if it isn’t hurting them, they don’t care–If they can’t see how evil this is they’re blind OR WORSE.  Educating the masses seems impossible especially when those in control are doing their best to discredit the media and blur the facts.  Taking time out to build relationships with and share our lives with people who don’t want to change seems unreasonable especially when there is so much else going on.  But we must keep trying. We must find and then build on our common values.

Believe me, you are not alone in your frustration and anger. I, too, have felt overwhelmed by the unending assaults of Trump and his minions. I have seen post after post warning about the coming days.  And, the next day it is worse than I imagined the day before. I’ve read and sympathize with the hundreds of FB posts decrying the danger and insanity of it all.  We all feel powerless at times. This is not my America.  I don’t recognize her. And, I often feel helpless to keep up with the onslaught, the attack of the values and beliefs I have held my whole life! But that’s just it–I am not ready to let go of those beliefs and values.  I am not ready to let my nation be overrun by the greedy self-interest of a few men at the top. I am angry and I will not go down without a fight.

Even though unqualified people  have been selected to run Trump’s cabinet despite the tireless efforts of people like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Saunders to expose their lack of experience, conflict of interest, and ill intentions, we cannot quit.  Even though his executive orders threaten to wreck havoc on not only the United States but the world we cannot surrender our convictions.  The moral conscious of our nation is at stake. The key is staying connected, making new connections, and celebrating every victory. At the same time, if we do not hold our outrage in check, if we give in to the temptations of petty name calling or blaming the other we risk become filled with the very thing we are struggling against–hatred and fear toward the other.

So in the spirit of celebrating our victories I want to share a recent story.  Shortly after Trump’s ban of Muslim immigrants, protesters showed up at Kennedy airport to demand the previously vetted refugees be allowed to stay. And last night (1/28), Judge Ann Donnelly blocked part of Trump’s order.  We are indeed stronger together.  Additionally, the attention brought to the President’s ban by the protestors brought to light Trump’s well documented conflict of interest. While the president has no business dealings in the seven countries he banned, he has business dealing with several countries not on the list including the EAU, Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. The fact that the banned countries have not threatened the US with terrorist attacks in over 25 years where as the countries not on Trump’s list have been part of US terrorist attacks is sure to be problematic.

I know what I ask is mammoth. Building relationship with with people who do not think the way we do and not giving into the despair inherent in such efforts will take courage and determination–a strength of character which will be challenged at every turn.  But remember we stand on the right side of history and in the end it is history that will tell our story.  When my grandchildren and great grandchildren learn about this time in history I want there to be no doubt in their minds as to which side I stood.



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