Posted by: minnow | December 8, 2016

What Have We Done?

We elected a man who isn’t even interested is receiving intelligence briefings.

We elected a man whose VP believes you can torture the gay out of people.

We elected a man who picked a white nationalist as his chief strategist.

We elected a man who wants a climate change denier to be the head of the Environmental PROTECTION Agency.

We elected a man who wants to hand the Attorney General job to a someone deemed too racist to be a judge in 1986, who doesn’t think grabbing a woman by her pussy without her consent is sexual assault, and who thought the KKK was okay until someone told him they smoked pot.

We elected a man who wants a private school advocate to have control of PUBLIC education, someone who has never been a public school teacher or administrator or student.

We elected a man whose pick as National Security Advisor has a history of breaking the rules including giving classified information to other nations without approval and who, like his boss, has a habit of making up facts.

We elected a man whose pick for Health and Human Services is no friend to women.  He is vehemently anti-abortion but also doesn’t believe insurers should have to pay for birth control.

We elected a man whose pick for Housing and Urban Development admitted to having no government experience and whose only qualification until it was recently revealed to be a lie was that he lived in public housing as a kid.

We elected a man who wants to turn off the internet in certain areas of the United States as a security measure.

We elected a man who thinks he can make a foreign country pay for something he wants built but it might not.

We elected a man who turns to Twitter every time someone bruises his ego. And, we elected a man who uses Twitter every time he wants to distract us from the truth of what he is actually doing and who he is.

DON’T GET ME WRONG, I am not calling our president-elect stupid.  Quite the opposite. Donald Trump knows exactly what he’s doing and with whom he has surrounded himself, which is precisely what scares me.  He pulled the wool over the eyes of the electorate once, keying into and exaggerating our frustration with Washington and the state of the economy, using colloquial language to seem more relatable, directing our hostility by scapegoating minority groups, and appealing to the working class though he himself shipped jobs overseas. His most recent stint of “saving” 800 (though he claimed 1100) Carrier jobs by bribing the company with a $7 million dollar tax break and then demonizing their steelworkers rep, Kelly Ray Hugunin when Hugunin criticized him is a case in point. Donald Trump is skilled in the art of pitting one person, one group, against another.  He built his television persona doing just that.  And, he will continue to use it as a strategy as long as it keeps working.  He doesn’t care who or what he hurts, just ask Boeing.

Bill Clinton used to be know as Mr. Teflon meaning no negativity stuck to him.  Well Donald Trump makes Clinton look like a magnet.  We all know Donald Trump is wealthy.  We know he filed multiple bankruptcies and faced thousands of law suits.  We know he didn’t want to reveal his tax returns and that the small loan from his father that started him out in Business was for a million dollars.  If we were listening we also know that up until recently Donald Trump was a democrat.  He donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential run in 2008.  He supported multiple other politicians over the years and always expected big favors in return.  In fact, during the debates when he spared with Jeb Bush over a casino Bush said Trump wanted but didn’t get, Trump bragged, “If I wanted it, I would have gotten it.” But for some reason the negative connotations of these facts haven’t stuck.  Nor has it mattered that Trump refused to pay people who he hired to help build his casinos, that he continually uses offensive language when talking about women, or that much of his language and behavior are racist.  Republicans still give him a pass, evangelicals still give him a pass, and much of white America still gives him a pass.

Donald Trump’s appointments and advisors send a clear message to the American people if we are bothering to listen. He plans to gut the government. His goal is to create chaos. He intends to denigrate those who oppose him with slander, lies, and constant belittling.  He means to build his own wealth and the wealth of those who prove loyal. And he doesn’t care who or what is squashed in the process.  His is the most unqualified cabinet in the history of our government.  Men and women have been put in positions they have neither the experience nor temperament to navigate, let alone lead.  And those who oppose this sort of juvenile, dangerous, behavior are continuously told to give him a chance!

A chance to do what exactly?! Skip town before somebody nukes us?!! Hyperbole?  I hope so.

James Mattis, Trump’s proposed Secretary of Defense, once said, “Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.”  Let us hope that continues to be the advice he gives the President-elect.  In the meantime, thinking America needs to remain on high alert.  Make known the impact of Trumps words and behavior.  Follow the actions of your Senators and Representatives.  Replace ALL of those who do not act in our best interest.  To re-appropriate an old proverb: When is the best time to take back the government? 20 years ago, but the second best time is now.


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