Posted by: minnow | November 7, 2016

He Is Not the Guy in the White Hat

14955821_1299656800127371_3245661880528220596_nThe photo to the left was recently shared on my FB feed. I understand why.  Reasonable people are still trying (I am afraid in vain) to show Trump supporters how hypocritical Trump is and thus how unwise it is to vote for him. He cannot be trusted. He himself is guilty of outsources jobs to save a buck.  “See you guys,” they are saying with these memes, “he manufactures his hats in China.  He has no intention of bringing back our jobs, unless of course we are willing to work for pennies on the dollar, like the Chinese.”  Over and over logical arguments are put forth by serious minded people–Republican and Democrat alike–hoping to convince Trump supporters that their candidate is not who he pretends to be. He will not follow through on the vague policies he has put forth nor uphold the Republican platform.  He has no intention of helping them out unless doing so helps Donald Trump more.  He may, in fact, be incapable of any sincere empathy despite his proclamation that only he can “make America great again.”

Who has Donald Trump shown himself to be? He is racist, earning the endorsement of white supremacist groups like the KKK. He is sexist, assaulting women both verbally and physically. A rape hearing was set for December until the woman got death threats and dropped the charges. He’s an unscrupulous businessman, refusing to pay workers, declaring bankruptcy, and finding loopholes in order to avoid paying taxes.  Finally, he is a compulsive liar. Politifact has his true and mostly true meter at just 15% which is 2% less than his pants on fire rating.

Sadly, the facts simply don’t matter.  The conspiracy theorists have won.  They have cast doubt on the legitimacy and integrity of Clinton and her campaign.  They have cast doubt on legitimacy and integrity of reputable news sources despite having a majority agree.  And, even if Clinton wins, unless she wins by an overwhelming majority, they will no doubt cast doubt on the legitimacy and integrity of our democratic process.

As a child I remember wondering how it was possible for a man like Hitler to come to power.  Today I understand, more than I would like, just how easy it is.  When good people do nothing, or worse, when they tell themselves and convince others  they can keep pandora in the box without nailing down the lid, evil becomes acceptable, excusable, a necessary price to pay. A single spark of fear can ignite an uncontrollable flame of distrust, anger, hate, and eventually violence.

Sadly, the religious right has been stoking the fire  of fear for years.  As more and more people leave their buildings and fewer and fewer enter in voices within the conservative evangelical Church have thrown out grave warnings of end times, of the widening gap between good and evil, of the need for their brand of purity and righteousness. Leadership has “prophesied” the falling away and the empty pews are proof it is happening. Ultimately they only succeeds in ostracizing the very people they were called to love and in isolating themselves from the realities of the day.  No wonder conservative Christians are afraid; they’ve been spoon fed a religion of powerlessness. “The end is coming! You are helpless to do anything about it.  Scripture has predicted! So, batten down the hatches, trust in the Lord’s chosen leaders to protect you and pray.” In swoops Donald Trump.

Those in the middle and lower income brackets have also been sold a bill of goods. For them, fear and distrust is served on a plate of anti-intellectualism and hyper militaristic patriotism. You can’t believe in climate change because those liberals just want to take away your jobs.  You can’t talk about immigration reform because those illegals just want to steal your jobs, get free healthcare, and avoid paying taxes. We can’t open our doors to refugees because they don’t look like us or talk like us.  Remember 9/11.  That’s who these guys look like.  BE AFRAID OF THEM. Those liberals want to let them in. Don’t let them.  They want to give them your jobs.  They want to break up the family, kill babies, destroy marriage. Don’t let them.  Somebody has to stop them. Enter Donald Trump and his “I’ll make America great again!” agenda. Build a wall. Keep them out. If they don’t like us–bomb ’em. We’re the greatest military power in the world after all. And Donald Trump says he’s going to bring our jobs back!

Maybe he’ll start with the ones he outsourced.


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