Posted by: minnow | September 23, 2016

A Peaceful Protest Against Violence

Until you are outraged about this:

Please keep your opinions to yourself about this:

This is not disrespect of the military or even our country. It is using one’s celebrity to call attention to a problem because in America we have the freedom to peaceful protest.  It suggests that our justice system is in need of attention.  It calls attention to the fact that some of our fundamental values as a nation–life, liberty, innocence until proven guilty, equal PROTECTION under the law–are not walked out with the same passion for ALL groups of people.  It makes us feel uncomfortable because it sheds a spotlight on a troubling truth of our times.  As a white person who believes in these foundational values the least I can do is recognize the privilege with which I walk the streets of my city and extend a hand of unity to those whose experience is very different from mine.



  1. Source for statistics?

  2. Sorry, Melissa, I didn’t see this before now.
    I didn’t fine this same meme again. But when I went hunting I found this article from the Washington post. The statistics are lower than the meme but still skewed considerably toward an unequal treatment of Black America. I also found this article from The Guardian which is more in line with the original meme.

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