Posted by: minnow | July 25, 2016

Out the Window

Confession: I have become a humorless person.  I cannot even laugh at Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart anymore.  The other day, I saw a post that an island in Ireland will accept American immigrants if the GOP candidate wins.  I wonder how much a plane ticket costs? I wonder if Irishturk has an airport?  Honestly, I am at a loss.  The world seems to have gone mad.  Reason, fact, logic, humanity–have all gone out the window.  And, I am seriously afraid for our country.

My son’s response to my most recent posts exposes my dilemma, “But Mom, you sound like you support Clinton just because she’s not Trump.  That’s not going to win her votes.  It certainly isn’t going to convince anyone who plans to vote for Trump to jump ship.”  He’s correct of course.  My enthusiasm for Hillary’s election wouldn’t register on a Richter scale. I am indeed voting for Hillary because she is not Trump.  But I can say this without any hesitation or regret–SO SHOULD YOU!  If you have no other reason “She’s not Trump!” is reason enough.

I was an enthusiastic Sanders supporter.  I not only agreed with his policies I respected him as a person.  BUT Sanders is not running.  Sanders endorsed Clinton.  Sanders and Warren, both people who are on the progressive end of politics, are campaigning as hard as they can for Clinton because they know she is the only candidate, as weak as she may be, who has a chance of defeating Trump.  They know, as a Democrat, to vote for a third party candidate is courting disaster.

I admit I did not watch all of the GOP convention.  In fact I watched very little of it.  I tried.  But, I couldn’t make myself listen to the distortions, the hate, the claims to care about American values while pitting one group against another, and open threats to undo the progress made by the EPA, the Consumers Protection Bureau and equal rights.  If what the GOP adopted in its platform are American principles I no longer embrace what America does.  If their platform reflects Christian principles I can no longer recognize Christianity. Jon Stewart is correct–the GOP does not have a corner on the values market.

This is absolutely not the election to stay home.  This is not the time to stay silent.  I understand why people are angry because I am angry.  Washington has made a habit of ignoring the will of the people.  Our politicians have bowed to the will of big banks, Wall Street executives, and monied interests for far too long. But electing one of the very people who has made a career of throwing his monetary weight around Washington is not the way to solve the problem of getting rid of monied interests in Washington.

I don’t normally believe in using scare tactics in order to make a point.  But if the truth about Donald Trump doesn’t scare people then they better not be afraid of terrorist threats, a weak economy, global warming, the national debt, their jobs moving over seas, or their civil liberties being taken away.  Should Trump’s bluster toward China cause China to call in its debt the United States could go bankrupt which means that every single one of us would have to pay and pay some more just to stay afloat.  If Trump manages to offend all our trade allies by refusing to make mutually beneficial trade deals and insisting the deals he makes will only benefit us, our allies will simply take their goods else where.  And guess what?–The United States is not self-sustaining.  We could not even completely feed ourselves, forget about all the oil we still import.

I know Trump promises to take care of us.  He’ll make “them” do what he says. He’ll keep our enemies out and destroy ISIS.  But the United States is not a business.  The US president isn’t the “boss” of the world.  He can’t just fire other countries, refuse to pay what he owes, or file bankruptcy and let someone else suffer the consequences the way he did in business.  Sovereign nations don’t work the same way private business do.  He cannot simply invade another country without serious repercussions.

I may have lost my sense of humor but it is better to stop laughing than to stop thinking.  The world is watching.  It is beginning to think America has lost its collective mind.  We can, and must, continue to fight to get big monied interests out of Washington.  But, we can do that best by changing the face of Congress.  We cannot afford to minimize the threat of a Donal Trump presidency.  We cannot afford to lose the progress we have made in the last eight years with regard to equal rights, the environment, and international relations.  Plug your nose if you must, but please don’t put the United States at risk by allowing Trump to be elected.




  1. I respect your position; however, Hillary has experience of placing the U.S. at risk. I will vote for Trump, because “he is not Hillary”.

  2. Not sure what risk you are referring to exactly. Trump’s rhetoric alone puts the US at risk almost daily and will have a profoundly negative impact with both our allies and our adversaries. If you’re referring to Benghazi perhaps your complaint should be directed at Congress.

  3. Just to name one, her use of the email, unsecured server. The FBI director himself stated she placed security of the country at risk.

  4. The FBI report also indicated that part of why he recommended no charges be brought against Clinton is because they also found a previous pattern, from others existed which made her practice fall in line with a standard. For example, both Collin Powell and Condoleezza Rice had similar practices. Additionally, the Director stated that there was no harmful intent on the part of Clinton which could be shown. Personally, I would not trust Trump to read a classified e-mail without blurting out its contents in order to stroke his own ego but I suppose to each their own.

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