Posted by: minnow | June 11, 2016

To Clinton Supporters Everywhere

Change the dialogue or quit talking.

As a woman, I resent the implication that any woman who wants to be successful or or wants their daughters to be successful should hold Hillary Clinton up as a roll model. I am also frustrated by how often I am told I “hate” Hillary simply because I dare to criticize her. I do not HATE this woman. I DISAGREE WITH HER. I truly dislike her husband–as a person (from what has been made public) and as a president. I think he was bad for middle class America and bad for women. I dislike Hillary because I think she will also be a bad president for middle class America and for women particularly because she seems to think her husband did no wrong. I worry that she is too hawkish and I believe she is too invested with big money and won’t be able to extract herself even if she wants to. I am ANGRY, that the rigged system, she embraces, has made her the nominee and even angrier that the GOP bring us Trump because I truly want to vote for someone who I can believe will do what is best for America.

I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be the first woman I vote for as a presidential candidate, and the first woman elected to be president merely because the other guy is scarier. And trust me AT THIS POINT IN TIME THAT IS THE ONLY REASON WHY she will be elected, if indeed she is. Today is a sad day for women and an even sadder day for America.

I wish Hillary supporters would start working as hard to show us how HER POSITIONS ON THE ISSUES are good for America’s middleclass and for women as they do trying to tell people like me that Hillary doesn’t deserve to be “hated”. I agree, she doesn’t deserve to be hated but she doesn’t deserve to be supported just because she’s a woman. THAT is the ultimate gender bias. And she doesn’t deserve to be supported just because she is not as evil as Trump.  THAT is the ultimate in fear-mongering.  Hillary Clinton is no victim. She and her supporters need to stop whining about how thoroughly she’s been vetted, how unfairly she’s been treated by the press, and how easily misled Sanders supporters have been. Start changing the dialogue.  Start talking about issues that matter to the people you want to support her.  Start showing the country that Hillary Rodham Clinton is worthy of the votes she garnered from the general population and not just the DNC elite and Wall Street. 

If Clinton wants my support beyond the November election, she’s got her work cut out for her.  For now she has my less than enthusiastic vote.  But, I truly hope that is NOT enough for her.  I hope once she becomes the president we find out what Clinton stands for and not simply what is politically expedient.  I hope we see what she is willing to fight for because it is the best possible option for all the people and not just the few at the top.  I hope, all the people in all the stories she tells, about overcoming adversity and struggling to overcome, will be able to be proud their stories were illustrations to her talking points.  I want to be proud that she is the first woman president but so far I am just holding my nose.


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