Posted by: minnow | April 30, 2016

Inevitable Is Old Politics

The more people warn that, as a Sanders supporter, I must eventually jump off this wagon and vote for Hillary because if I don’t do the politically correct thing Trump will win, the less I want to do it.  I’m exceedingly frustrated by her “inevitability” as the Democrats nominee.  I am tired of people suggesting that the only reason I don’t already support Hillary is because I have been unduly influenced by the lies about her from the right.  If this election has show me anything it’s shown that the delegate system, especially for the Democrats, is undemocratic.  It works against the will of the people rather than for it.  On the Republican side winner take all states make close races seem like landslides.  Yet, for the Democrats super delegates cast a shadow nearly impossible to out run and “closed primaries” disallow thoughtful, independent-minded voters because they aren’t “registered” democrats.  We say that one person’s vote matters, but…Is that actually true?

The latest headlines have Hillary trying to unite the party by urging Sanders supporters to get behind her.  I just might have to be the one to break it to you, Mrs. Clinton, but you need to show us how you actually intend to represent us with more than the threat of Trump, or we, quite frankly, might just ignore you.  More and more Sanders supports look at the differences between Clinton and Trump, and other than his crude expression, don’t see much.  Both change their tune depending on their audience or which way the wind is blowing.  Both are hawkish with regard to foreign policy.  Neither is interested in changing much on Wall Street.  And both have actually supported or befriended one another over the years–personally and politically.

If you want our vote, Secretary Clinton–you will need to earn it.  Quit telling our candidate to drop out and get in line behind you.  Quit telling us HE’S dividing the party when the truth is the democrats divided their party from the electorate when they decide to close their primaries.  Quit patting us on the head by suggesting you are simply talking about taking reachable steps to the same goals when the truth is you have NO INTENTION of taking on campaign finance reform, the pharmaceutical industry, or our broken penal system.  You’re not about to undo the trade agreements you helped to put in place.  Wall Street is your friend and the problems with education are simply too big to take on.  That Trump is an embarrassment but you’re not, isn’t a good enough reason to vote for you, Madam Secretary. You will need to earn our votes and I’m not sure you can.

The biggest difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is that Clinton wants to get elected and Sanders wants to lead a movement.  After she’s elected, Clinton wants to wield her influence, HER power.  Sanders want to get to work on reforms.  Clinton wants to manage the Middle East and the economy and whatever else is laying around, FROM THE OVAL.  Sanders wants to change how we do politics and get the middle class back on its feet.  Clinton wants people to need her help, want her support, and acquiesce to her positions because she is the most powerful woman in the world.  Sanders wants people to get off their butts and join the fight because change takes more than one person.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, (and should she get the Democratic nomination I think she will be) I will consider her presidency as successful as it could be if she picks one or two fairly liberal Supreme Court Justices and pushes their nominations through the Senate.  But honestly, I won’t be surprised if her judges end up being fairly moderate. And I will truly be surprised if we don’t end up in another war.  I can easily see the Middle East turn into an uglier and less understandable Viet Nam–endless troops, endless resources, no real progress/success, and increasing incidents of terrorism.

The biggest difference between Clinton and Trump that I can see, besides his boorishness, is that more people will be willing to go along with Clinton and her presidency is more likely to last eight years. Though I suppose, if Trump gets in he could stay around for eight as well. That scenario might all depend on how many people end up getting off their butts, rolling up their sleeves, and joining in the fight.  I for one aim to keep fighting.  Sanders deserves my support NOW and he deserves my support later.  For you see, the real difference between Clinton and Sanders is that Sanders hasn’t changed his stripes.  He’s been doing the work he’s doing in this campaign, behind the scenes for the last 40 years.


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