Posted by: minnow | December 1, 2015

Wringing Our Hands

Multiple people seem to be wringing their hands over the Donald question.  What is the Donald question?  Obviously you haven’t seen the man or you wouldn’t need to ask.  What the #@%!! do  we do  with him? is the question.  How do we get rid of him? is the question? How do we shut him up? is the question.  The Donald question is: how do we make him go away and wake up from the nightmare he’s been starring in?

Mainstream media won’t like what I have to say but I’m going to say it anyway.  Our current system is NOT run on the basis of getting at the truth.  Our present system, our news system, is feeding on entertainment, ratings, pulling in the big bucks$$!  Yup.  And, we aren’t going to get rid of Donald until we take our world more seriously.  We won’t be Donald free until we, in America, are willing to say, some things aren’t funny; not that humor–real humor–shouldn’t be used.  Even satire has a political place.  But, the political process is not a joke. And, the leading Republican candidate for President should not be the lead in every late night comedy act.

We have past the time for the vaudeville hook. It is time to turn off his mic.  Shutdown the lights. Strike the set. And, take your cameras elsewhere.  Quit inviting Donald to Meet the Press.  Don’t interview him on ABC’s This Week. Stop quoting him in US News, the Journal, and the Times.  Those venues should be reserved for thought filled, intelligent, discourse; they should not be a platform for buffoonery and bigotry.  Trump whines that media has a bias.  Fine!  Show him your bias.  The world isn’t shown any favors by giving Donald Trump equal time on every issue, as if he actually had a reasonable response or comment.  Show him your bias. Ignore the megaphone.  Make him pay for his 30 seconds of hate speech.  Show him your bias. Champion the truth by refusing to quote any more of his lies.  Show him your bias.  Stand up for common decency and deny his foul verbiage access to the legitimate media.

Please–ABC,CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and all forms of honest print, give us back our sanity.  Decide problem solving is more important.  Decide the lives of Black Americans are more important.  Decide the refugee crisis is more important.  Decide a realistic immigration policy is more important.    Decide economic disparity is more important. Decide intelligent conversation about climate change is more important.  Decide the threat of war is more important.  Decide our standing as a serious world leader is more important.  Decide, really decide, a world in crisis. is more. important. than entertainment.

You have a calling, a sacred obligation.  Please, remind Americans what our better selves once sounded like and looked like and stood for.  Re-establish the boundaries which need to exist between our fictions and fantasies, and  our facts and reality.  Yes, you must inform but you must also discern.  Propaganda should never replace truth.  Ego can’t ever stand in for integrity.  And, bluster is never a surrogate for character.  The position of President demands we use our most sincere and discerning voice.  Take back the fourth estate!

Cancel the Donald show!


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