Posted by: minnow | October 13, 2014

Letting Go

     A woman I’ve never met except through a private FB page I’ve belonged to since May passed away today.  The group, a safe haven for Christian moms of LGBT identifying children, is populated with women from across the country and even a few from the other side of the globe.  I did not know Jeannie Moran Androsoff personally.  In fact, except to read a few of her posts I know almost nothing about her other than she started a website called From the posts in the private group I know Jeannie was a pretty spectacular woman who loved her son fiercely.  I also know her website was launched shortly after finding out the cancer, which ultimately took her earthly life this morning (10/13), had returned.

The reason I mention Jeannie at all is because reading the posts to and about her over the past couple days, and reflecting on her impact on the private FB group I happen to be a part of, made me realize just how disconnected I have been most of my life.  While many in this private group were once part of what they would describe as tightly knit, caring church families, I have never in my life felt like part of an inner circle.  At best I’ve been a distant relative, a second cousin once removed sort of status, especially with regard to church families.  At times, as I read about someone’s frustration with or hurt at the hands of a once upon a time “family” member over issues connected to their LGBT children, I find myself wanting to shout, “Get over it!  Let go and move on for goodness sake.”  You see, I have never had to let go of someone who held that kind of emotional weight in my life.  So, I guess it’s been fairly easy for me to have a “Get over it!” attitude.

As much as I want–intellectually–for those in the Church and those in places of power to desire truth, treat the other with respect, and be willing to work for justice, I honestly don’t care how people feel about me or if I get an invitation to Sunday dinner.  I don’t need “likes”, although I do like conversation.  Mostly, I don’t have time for arguments that don’t work toward solutions to problems, build a framework for cooperation, or  lay the groundwork for better understanding.  Having the same fruitless discussions with the same people on a slightly different thread is a waste.  I never did it much and I simply don’t want to do it any more.  So, I apologize for my rather detached empathy for those of you who continue to struggle with family, friends, and associates over issues that get in the way of the relationships you long to have.  If the shout outs and remembrances for Jeannie are any indicator of what comes from never letting go, I believe your efforts are worth while.  That said, the difference between helping someone wake from their slumber and banging one’s head against the wall can sometimes feel like a very thin line.  My best prayer is that we’re able to discern the difference before we give ourselves concussions.

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