Posted by: minnow | October 12, 2014

Having Trouble Finding Time

My once a month blogging isn’t really cutting it.  Since I no longer have hours during my graveyard shifts to fill I have found finding time to write quite difficult.  In late August I started teaching three standard 10th grade English classes, a Journalism class (I’ve never even taken a journalism class), and a Basic English 10 class.  Next semester I’ll add a 12th grade Basic English class.  The Basic English classes are supposed to be less strenuous than the regular English classes and thus have fewer students.  The students however tend to be less motivated to work on assignments and or have more difficulty understanding expectations thus require more individual supervision.   I don’t have any Honors classes which would probably be more interesting but would also mean another prep and a different kind of work load.  My time has already been gobbled up creating curriculum, correcting quizzes, and commenting on essays.

The state of writing in the 10th grade (if my classes are representative of the rest of what’s out there) is abominable.  On the one hand I might blame teacher for not requiring students to write more.  However, when the average high school English teacher has between 60 and 120 students who can realistically expect those teachers to give, read, and correct and comment on multiple writing assignments. I spend close to as much time grading my student’s essays as they spend writing them.  I literally have no social life because I spend my out of school hours generating and then assessing assignments, minus the two hours a night I fix dinner and monitor/help my daughter with her homework.

Yes, I’m whining.  I feel sorry for myself because I’d like to blog instead of create curriculum and grade poorly written papers.  At the same time, I am frustrated by the lack of writing skills on the part of my students.  Thus I have a dilemma.  So long as I’m collecting a pay check I feel obliged to do what I have been hired to do and sadly that doesn’t mean blogging, at least not in the near future.  My apologizes to the one or two who may actually check in every now and again.


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