Posted by: minnow | September 5, 2014

November’s Comin’

I just started a new job as an English teacher and feel like I’m swimming upstream with one nostril above water most of the time.  So…needless to say I haven’t felt like I had the time to blog.  Humm…

The problem is I keep finding things when I chose to take shorts breaks here and there, that capture my attention or gnaw at my brain.  Today a FB “friend” posted the picture below and the snarky, fed up with the right-wing conservative non-compassionate even if they’re Christian faction of the GOP, thinking person in me has a few things to say.  I wanted to quip back at this friend that “in November we would introduce some Senate Republicans to the private sector where they’d be expected to take responsibility for their actions, but oops the private sector is where most of them learned they don’t have to take responsibility for anything they do as long as they have enough money and someone else to blame.


SADLY, the truth is after the elections in November we will in all likelihood end up with a Congress and Senate that doesn’t look a whole lot different than it looks right now.  AND SADDER STILL, the newly elected will probably not accomplish any more than the basically nothing that’s been accomplished since I could vote.  That being said, I DO NOT want what this “friend” wants and I’m really sick of the never ending whining on the topic that’s coming from the right. The Affordable Care Act is not the devil in disguise.  Personally I wish we would cut out health insurance altogether, and begin Health Savings Plans that accumulate monthly before taxes from each pay check.  I’d also like to see us move to a single payer system for the rest.

The legislature is out of sync with the nation.  That point was not lost on me.  But the reason we’re at a stale mate has more to do with the fact that half those who could vote don’t bother than it does with the Affordable Care Act.  If we want thinking people with creative problem solving skills to run for office and have a chance to be elected WE THE PEOPLE need to speak up and vote.  We need serious campaign finance reform–to begin with put a cap on what candidates can spend and what other groups can spend on their behalf.  We also need term limits–perhaps with a rest between terms component.  Our forefathers never envisioned the kind of career politicians we have today.

November is right around the corner.  Please find out who your candidates are, where they truly stand on the issues, AND VOTE.  Don’t let the talking heads fill your mind with lies about the “other guy” without explaining what they plan to do differently.  Ignore every ad that talks about the bad thing one person did if it’s paid for the supporters of the other side.  Demand that the person you plan to vote for has a laid out plan and not simply a promise.  Figure out what the make or break issues are for you and what each candidate is planning to do about those issues so you know who actually REPRESENTS YOU.  Ask questions and if you don’t like the answers ask follow-up questions!

In other words–be a citizen who matters not just a person who posts inflammatory gobbly-gook on FB so you can act like you’re informed and politically and socially aware.


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