Posted by: minnow | May 15, 2013

Manifesting the Spirit

Nearly 20 years ago now my family was part of a very small fellowship, the kind where everyone knows everyone and nearly everything about everyone as well.  We were just beginning to experience what were then call manifestations of the Spirit–visions, laughter, tongues, awkward behaviors, etc.  A member of our fellowship was hit with some very difficult and baffling medical issues.  They weren’t life threatening as far as medical science could determine but they made her life torturous at times and we were all concerned.  For several months we prayed as she visited various doctors.  People got words and gave words.  We sought (and as I look back on it now tried to conjure) healing on her behalf.  When the healing didn’t come we wrestled with our doubts and the atmosphere of our gatherings intensified.  Her failure to be healed lead to questions.  Why?  What were we doing wrong?  What was wrong with her? I also watched as she became more and more discouraged and closed off.

I can not speak for anyone else.  I never talked about that experience with anyone who was part of the fellowship–then or since.  My family moved to a different state before the situation was resolved and the fellowship split shortly after we moved.  Eventually the woman’s health returned.  I don’t know if that happened before or after the split but I know she remained close to several families on both sides of the split and still fellowships with the part of the split that continues to meet.

Even though my family attended other fellowships which were also experiencing manifestations of the spirit after leaving our first I believe, as I now look backwards, that experience planted a seed of discernment in my spirit.  I remember praying about this woman just before we moved in a way I had not previously prayed.  Instead of presenting my request and list of promises concerning the prayers of righteous men I simply asked the Spirit to help me know what she needed from me, if anything.  The answer was easy to do and at the same time the most difficult thing I had ever done–Just go sit with her.

I remembering wanting to bring her something, wanting to offer to watch her children or clean her house.  But my instructions never changed–Just go sit with her.  Honestly, I can’t remember how I felt or if I was actually successful.  But, I have often thought about that situation and those words.  And ever since, I have tried to follow the lesson I learned from that experience.  Sitting quietly with someone in pain, letting them offer us tea or not, following their lead in conversation, or simply looking out the same window with them takes a kind of courage too few of us have, or chose to use–including myself.  Yet I am convinced doing so is as close to manifesting the Spirit as I will ever get–this side of heaven.

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  1. this was helpful to me. especially this:

    “Instead of presenting my request and list of promises concerning the prayers of righteous men I simply asked the Spirit to help me know what she needed from me, if anything.”

    thank you Minnow. Hope you are doing well.

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  3. This is so important. Thank you for this!

    I believe in praying in faith. I even believe in commanding sickness to go in the name of Jesus. But sometimes we just need to hang in there still believing in God even if nothing changes.

    Some might find this difficult as their hyped up ‘faith’ cannot be reconciled with what they see so they either deny their senses or ask what went wrong. Who lacked faith – you or me? I think real faith sees the facts, knows God is good and gently keeps on asking without such recriminations.

    Your post is a great reminder that being with the person and listening to the person is so important. Whatever may come, however it turns out I know God is still good and he may just want me to listen and be there.

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