Posted by: minnow | April 1, 2013

New Life

Today (3/31) is Easter.  But the other day my husband asked–why isn’t today Easter?  Why isn’t Easter every day?  Why celebrate it just once a year?  Obviously his questions were implying is that for Christians the point of our faith is the resurrected Christ since by raising from the dead Christ defeats sin and it is sin that separates us (humanity) from God, SO as Christ followers we should have the constant confidence and attitude of victors.

Prior to Jesus the Holy Scripture was a book of history and promises.  It pointed God’s people toward a savior and recorded God’s desire and multiple attempts to have fellowship with His people.  Prior to Jesus God’s people needed to make sacrifices, and follow strict guidelines of behavior in order to enter into that relationship.  We see in the Old Testament how over and over again God reached out to humanity but we failed to keep our end of the covenant.  When God finally sent Jesus most missed it.  They had been expecting a King, a warrior, a powerful Savior who would overcome their enemies by force and set them free from governmental oppression.  In what the religious leaders and the Roman dictators thought was the end they hung Jesus on the cross.  They crucified Him thinking, a). He was not the Savior they’d been promised, or b). they actually had power over Him.  Both were wrong.  And the empty tomb on Easter morning proves it.

Sadly, most of the American Church still acts like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, looking for a Savior who will enter the scene guns blazing and “save” us from our “enemies”–an oppressive government, a sin infested culture, a fallen world.  (Much of the “second-coming” rhetoric literally paints such a picture).  Meanwhile they continue to heap religious law on the path between us and God not realizing that Christ’s coming, His witness, His resurrection is meant to “save” us from all such religious legalism.

The gift of salvation is ours no strings attached–no special sacrifice needed, no properly worded incantation necessary.  For me no other option exists because any other option (including the requirement to repent and confess) diminishes the fact that Christ accomplished what humanity up to that point could not–Christ kept covenant with His Father.  Because Christ maintained fellowship with God, because even in the despair of feeling abandoned by God He chose to cry out to God, “My God my God, why has Thou forsaken me?” Death could not hold Him.  The gap has been bridged.  The tomb is empty.  And everyday, even today (which is now April 1) is Easter.

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