Posted by: minnow | September 13, 2012

Politics: Short and Sweet


  1. A democratic society in which corporations aren’t people but women, GLBT, Muslims, and all other minority groups are!
  2. Serious campaign reform—the kind that puts a non-negotiable cap on all spending, runs fact check ads right after those that tweak” the truth, and fines candidates for name calling.
  3. A legislature whose main focus is to serve those who elected them to office not undermine the president.
  4. Realistic education reform including a repeal of “No Child Left Behind” policies that focus on testing rather than teaching and serious changes in how “public” schools are financed.
  5. A clearer connection to the notion that “of the people and for the people” means all the people not just the top one or two percent.
  6. A serious concern for the environment, including a look before it’s too late at what is seeping into our drinking water because we don’t yet “filter” residual drug etc. along with waste.
  7. A return to the ingenuity and forward thinking that made America great to begin with including tax incentives for education and research.
  8. A legislature committed to equal pay for equal work.
  9. A legislature that sees family issues as both important to men and important to women.
  10. A legislature willing to draft a marriage equality act.


  1. Great list!

  2. The following post, “Politics: Short and Sweet Minnowspeaks Weblog”
    shows that u really comprehend just what you r communicating about!
    I really 100 % agree. With thanks -Manie

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