Posted by: minnow | August 22, 2012

Life Support?…Really?

Recently on FB a friend posted the picture you see to the left.  One doesn’t have to know me long to know that I do not think abortion is the best answer, ever.  (By all means save a mother’s life but do not celebrate the death of her child while you do so).  That said, I do not have condemnation toward those who do not agree with me.  My heart breaks and my tempter flairs when I see bumper stickers that reduce the unborn to the cellular equivalent of mole removal almost as much as when I see flairs like the one to the left.   Most of the time I talk myself out of commenting on these kinds of posts.  This time scrolling down my FB wall the flair in question was the third or fourth post to tweak my passion and well, one can only resist so much.

Not that it will make any difference if what I end up saying offends you, but I want to at least try to say from the get go that this is NOT a post arguing in favor of unregulated abortion  rights.  My problem with the kinds of bumper stickers and flairs I am talking about is not that they are  “pro-life” in their POV. In fact, just as many are “pro-choice”. My problem is that people are willing to reduce a complicate issue to a bunch of slogans.  Then they (seemingly) convince themselves that waving those slogans around somehow honors their god, protects the unborn, furthers the cause of women, or advocates for freedom.  In other words, they think posting slogans is the same as doing something  bigger than stroking one’s ego or appeasing one’s guilt.

Not to make lite of the issue but honestly the English teacher corner of my brain was irritated first.  It got stuck on the word support and quipped: “Define support.  Do you mean bear the weight of as in a support beam?  Or, are you talking about paying the cost of as in financial support?  Why don’t you tell people to put their money where their mouths are and then ask them if they support unborn  children or just give the unborn’s right to life lip service.”  Have I made my point yet?

Life is precious.  But, quality of life matters.  And, economic disparity matters.  And, safety matters. We do not honestly support the unborn if we aren’t willing to guarantee them some measure of security once they are born.  If waving placards or posting flairs is the only thing you are willing to do to show your support for the unborn then kindly sit down and keep your opinions to yourself.  I’m not interested and the unborn deserve better.

The best way to have fewer abortions is to have fewer unwanted pregnancies.  We need to do a better job of educating women (and men), girls (and boys) about the possible consequences of their sexual behavior.  As a society we need to start acting like we actually understand that pregnancy does not just happen to women and an unwanted pregnancy is not just a woman’s problem.  If the unborn actually matter to you, if you show your support because their lives and not just your image as a good Christian matters to you than do something and start posting about that!!  Get involved in relationships and share the stories about changed, improved, lives.

We do not “support” the unborn if as soon as they are born we abandon them!

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