Posted by: minnow | May 11, 2012

The War On Women

The women’s healthcare debate continues to find air time and FB space.  No wonder, it’s a hot button for most Democrats who have labeled all conservative views as the “Republican’s War on Women”. Lumping any thoughtful objection with all the crazies is a typical way to avoid having to consider a reasoned point of view.  Like a land mind when one steps wrong (or in this case “right”) a bomb explodes.

(Here’s my disclaimer just so you know from the get go where I stand as far as the coming election.  I plan to vote to re-elect President Obama  as the lesser of two poor choices.  I’ll carry out my plan unless a third party candidate gets on the ballot who holds positions closer to my own.  If such a candidate turns up I’ll vote for him or her unless the election becomes too close for comfort.  For, while I don’t think the President is the saint some liberals seem to think he is, he is absolutely preferable to Governor Romney.  Now back to the blog topic…)

In all honesty, our society has a war on women but it didn’t start with the women’s fight for the right to vote.  Nor was a battle actually won (in favor of women) when abortion became legal.  The only victors in that fight were the abortion providers and irresponsible men.  Both have turned abortion into a multimillion dollar industry.  Sadly today, misguided liberals everywhere think “keeping abortion legal” is still, for women, the most important and according to some–only–issue.

Time for some facts–In every successful abortion at least one person dies.  I know, liberals don’t want to hear it.  And, the scientific community is a willing partner.  Science calls the child a zygote, blastocyst, embryo, and fetus but never a baby, not until it’s born.  We depersonalized the child factor so we don’t have to face the reality that if left alone (in the US) 99% of the time a live birth occurs and this living being is a person. Granted a baby isn’t viable until well into the second trimester and statistically they have major problems if born much before the 37th week. Yet, at six weeks, before many women even know they’re pregnant, babies in utero have arms and legs.  Their brains have begun to develop.  They even have eyelids.  I don’t know about you but I have trouble denying person hood to human DNA that can look at me.

Ultimately, abortion allows women to avoid only part of the fall out from what their life circumstances have brought them or what they have brought to themselves through irresponsible behavior.  Abortion does not actually solve the problem.  Since most women try to forget their abortions rather than draw attention to them, the abortion’s physical toll (not to mention its psychological one) is almost completely ignored.  Like soldiers who return from war after seeing their buddies die or after killing the enemy most post-abortion women are never the same.  Some even experience symptoms as serious as PTSD.  But, we don’t want to talk about those truths; they might cause us to question the war.

If we as a society truly want abortions to be rare we must face what we do when we perform them.  Liberals are outraged by the military’s attitude toward civilian casualties of war–that they are collateral damage.  Well, dead babies are the collateral damage of abortion.  Just like in war, abortion is legalized killing.  We just don’t like to call it that.  But until we on the left are willing to see abortion for what it is we cannot  expect to force the right to see what brings women to this difficult choice.  And those conditions are the evidence of our real War on Women.  Here are some other stats:

  • The US is ranked 34th in infant mortality according to the United Nations World Population Prospects report.  At least part of our poor ranking can be attributed to the fact that 16 percent of women in American have no health insurance.
  • 1 in 7 people in the US live below the poverty line. According to the Guttmacher Institute 42% of the women who seek abortions fit that demographic and 61% already have children.  73% of women who chose abortion say they can’t afford to care for a baby.
  • The median income in 2009 for a single woman with children was $29,770 dollars (compared to over $40,000 for a single man with children).
  • According to the Center for American Progress women working the same jobs as men with the same qualifications as their male counterparts earn 77% of what the men in those jobs earn.  And for women, having children negatively impacts job promotion.
  • Additionally, women provide more unpaid childcare than men and they also provide 69% of the unpaid care for elderly adults.  In other words, women in general carry a larger portion of the family care burden than men.

Such statistics in the wealthiest country in the world, a nation claiming to be built on Christian principles, ought to make one wonder.  Frankly, I’m done with “Christians” who are so willing to use scripture to point at another person’s “sin” yet refuse to follow Christ’s example and put themselves in the other person’s shoes.  And, I’m equally frustrated by the wealthiest among us (most of whom are white men) who use their wealth and advantage not to better or serve society, as our founding fathers did, but rather to buy power and make certain society serves and pays homage to them.

The real War On Women involves a lot more that reproductive rights.  It includes issues neither the left nor the right want spot lighted.  And, in the propaganda war we’re currently waging our shouts of foul, censorship, or immoral are so loud we can’t hear the ones being harmed cry, “HELP!”  Personally, I am no longer willing to be complicit by remaining silent.  If that makes me everyone’s adversary so be it.  The truth is we have waged this war long enough; it’s time to call for peace!


  1. Interesting last two posts, I like that you *discussed* issues related to reproductive rights rather than sitting on one side and yelling at passer-bys. I wonder who came up with the term “War” on Women? Why does every discussion have to be framed as a fight? Gender & War are a whole other can of worms….

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