Posted by: minnow | July 22, 2011

We Hold On

I hate sin.

Sin steals and distorts and manipulates and lies.  It wounds and maims but rarely completely kills.  Instead it leaves its victims bleeding alongside the road.

And sin most often invites more sin to its party.  When the victim is down sin’s guests come along and give the victim a kick.

I hate sin.  And God hates sin.  But God does not hate the sinner.  And THAT is the biggest difference between God and Man.  All too often we behave as though hating the man, condemning the man, defeating the man, destroying the man, humiliating the man, removing the man, avoiding the man is. the. same. as. hating the sin.

It isn’t.

Recently a member of the Body chose to open the door to sin and let sin throw a party.  Today the person and the person’s family are dealing with the consequences of that choice.  No one connected to the person is okay.  Some are not impacted as deeply as those closest to the person but no one is unaffected.  The final bill for sin’s party this time around has not yet been totaled.  The only thing I know for sure is everyone directly connected to the person’s life is already paying.

I happen to be thinking of a specific situation and a specific person at the moment.  But, the truth is the person is every one of us.  We all sin.  The sin we invite into our lives might be large or small (as man tends to measure sin) it doesn’t matter; it still costs.  And we all pay.

I hate sin.

But I am slowly learning what it means to love one another, to be members of the same body, to forgive, to show mercy, to walk in grace.  I am angry at sin and sad about the pain and scarring it always causes.  But we do not defeat sin by hating the sinner.  We do not even defeat sin by hating sin.  We defeat sin by taking away its sting.  We defeat sin by lifting up, holding on to, encouraging, forgiving, listening to, and loving the sinner. in. each. one. of. us.  When it seems like an overwhelmingly big sin we hold on tight.  We hold on because the sinner might not.  We hold on because we are the body.  We hold on because we love.  The road can get bumpy.  But we hold on!   We hold on.  If we want to defeat sin, we hold on.

Holding on rarely negates the consequences to sin.  Poisoning our bodies with years of smoking leads ultimately to poorer health and probably to an earlier death.  Sometimes the pain we cause by our sin breaks trust and destroys relationship, permanently.  But being held can in time soften the blow so the rest of us hold on.  We hold on to the sinner and we hold on to those most impacted by the sin.  We hold on because we are the Body and if we don’t sin wins.



  1. “If we don’t, sin wins.” That says it all, Minnow. You’re absolutely right. In my personal experience, it’s a lack of love that rootsd sin in the first place, so holding on, and showing love right in the middle of the messiness is the perfect medecine. Good to read your messages again. I’ve missed them. Shelby

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