Posted by: minnow | May 7, 2011

Unity Tuning

Unity is an interesting concept.  My dictionary defines unity as: 1). the state of being one; oneness and 2). a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one.  For Christians unity seems like a far-fetched ideal.  With over a thousand denominations each formed due to a difference of opinion with the group from which it split unity, using this definition, seems impossible.  Still, some try, urging others to focus on what we can agree on and ignoring the rest.

My very non-Biblical working image of heaven looks a bit like a target with God in the center.  Surrounding His throne are all those people who would be perfectly okay sharing space with people from all other walks of life.  The next circle surrounding the throne would be filled with those who are okay with everybody but one particular group–maybe mass murders or Presbyterians (Yes I know, I’m bound to get in trouble for that).  As the circles get farther ways from the throne fewer and fewer groups are included and more and more exceptions made until we get to the outer most circles where only like-minded individuals are placed together.  These outer circles are fairly empty or put a different way–rather roomy.  Yet, when the folks who arrive there look around they are not at all surprised to see who they see.  They might even really think they are finally in heaven.

At the same time and needless to say, the bright light of God attracts a bit of attention.  As the outer rings decide they would maybe like to get a little closer to the front they venture into the adjoining circles.  At first they might feel surprised, perhaps even a little put off.  After all how did “those people” get closer to the middle than their own group.  But, God’s warmth soon envelops any animosity just as love covers a multitude of sin and those in the outer circles move closer and closer to the center, making adjustments in their attitudes as they go.  I do not suppose it will take too long before heaven feels quite full and cozy to everyone.

Now when I read the words of Jesus as He instructed His disciples to pray–“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”–I want to translate my vision of heaven to my reality of earth.  When God is truthfully my center and I am attracted to and focused on His light I can let His love cover my sin–my hate, my pride, my self-righteousness, my holier-than-thou attitudes.  The people I rub elbows with look differently under His light then they do under my microscope because I am tuned to Him.  My musical son suggested it is a kin to how one tunes a piano.  Tuned to other pianos the last piano in the line is bound to sound flat or sharp in relation to the first piano.  However, when each is tuned to the Tuning Fork the group sounds beautiful together because each orients to the same pure sound.

I believe unity on earth depends on our orientation.  When we focus on one another we are bound to notice our differences.  When we fix our sites on God, I believe we begin to see what He sees.  And when we respond to what He sees the way He has responded to us His love for us becomes our love for others.  Will we ever restore unity?  The answer to that question depends on our tuning.


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