Posted by: minnow | August 18, 2010

Finding a New Rhythm

My life is in transition.  Like I mentioned in my last post I am going back to school.  Getting all my ducks lined up–application in, financial aid applied for, classes picked–and giving notice at my job (not to mention getting all my daughter’s stuff figured out) has pulled my focus away from blogging for the past month or so.  I actually have several ideas for posts rattling around in my head.  I just have not had my normal time and space to write.

When I first noticed that my post numbers were waning I wondered if this “season” of my life was ending.  A few bloggers I have frequently read seem to be passing through their blogging seasons so the question played around in my mind a bit.  I have to say, for now that I do not sense that my blogging days are over but I do think I am taking a bit of a vacation.  I suspect I will be back at it on a more frequent basis as soon as I find the rhythm of this new season in my life.  Until then I will sneak a post in here and there when I just can not, not write (AKA: when I need to rant about something or when I suddenly get inspired). 

For those of you who might be checking in I recommend following the links on my blog roll to The Carnival in My Head or One Hand Clapping if you’re looking for a connection to emerging voices and relevant (challenging) thinking.  Parchment and Pen is generally good for a well laid out evangelical point of view.  And there are several options for art and film enthusiasts–A Dreamer Walking, Ceramic Arts Daily, Voca Femina, A New Vision, or Art in the Garage–to name a few.



  1. congrats on going back to school. excited for your new adventure!

  2. that’s so cool you are headed back to school! 🙂 I missed that somewhere. Minnow I thank you for your influence these past years! Keep in touch!!! 🙂 I feel the need to start blogging again about all that God has done and is doing — but I just can’t seem to carve out the time like I want to. Will have to keep u updated a different way!! 🙂

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