Posted by: minnow | July 15, 2010

Rebate or Bait and Switch?

After moving to a new state we rented for nearly 7 years.  Last October we closed on a new house.  Because we had not owned a home for three years, we qualified for the $8,000.00 promised by the federal government to new home owners.  But just try and collect.  Grrr.  We sent in our taxes in early March.  It is now July.  We have been rejected twice for not having the correct paper work, the same “correct” paper work we already sent them.  We have waited for six to eight weeks three times.  I am not a happy camper.  I want to punch someone in the nose.  The problem is the buck never stops being passed.  We need this form or that one or the one they aready told us about but are telling us about again so they can delay another six weeks.  We did our part.  We bought a house to “stimulate” the economy.  And now we wait…and wait…and…Grrr…


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