Posted by: minnow | October 24, 2009

We’re In

Yes!  BUT how did we acquire so much junk in so little time?  WOW!  (Needless to say we are not completely put away yet). 

When we last moved (seven years ago) we brought very little with us, only because we had three rummage sales, two truck loads to the dump, and at least two trips to Goodwill.  Everything we owned arrived at our new house in one twenty-foot moving van and a passenger van that were also carrying six people a cat and a dog.  I told myself we were simplifying.

Seven years later, I honestly do not know where all our “stuff” is going to go.  And, I am embarrassed that we have soooo much.  This move has been bittersweet (for me) for that very reason.  I thought I was not a “typical” materialistic American.  I was enlightened–BAH!  The house we found has a huge yard!–a (neighbor’s) pasture with horses beyond that, an incredible view of mountains and a river and…  We have four bedrooms (one we converted from a den so it includes a fireplace), two baths, a wonderful deck, kitchen, livingroom with a second fireplace, dining room and did I mention the yard (?).  Talk about wealth.  My missionary friend in Africa just helped a HIV positive new mom get out of a literal mud floor hut and into a one room shack she shares with her three children.

We found the house before it went on the market.  My husband inquired about a dumpster in front of a house a couple doors down and was told about the house we are in just as a “in case you’re interested”.  Three other inquiries followed ours.  God’s provision or dumb luck? 

Because of the condition of the house we were able to reduce the price by 12,000, set aside that money and use it to remodel one of the bathrooms, paint the entire house, and put new flooring in all the rooms except one bath, which we did re-tile.  Because our income qualifies, we were also able to take advantage of a rural development program that got us a loan at 1% interest.  Blessing, providence, or fate?

Please do not take this post wrong.  I feel incredibly thankful to be out of where we were and into this home.  Yet at the same time, I have done nothing to deserve the riches I have.  And, for the first time in my life I am consciously aware of the fact that most others, by comparison have much less in the form of material goods.  Because of this fact, I am not certain just how I should respond–Thank You God but why me?  Should I sell some of this and give to the poor?  Do I volunteer more at the food bank to appease my guilt? 

I have not matured to the point Paul had when he wrote that he had learned to be content with all things.  I am ill at ease in this skin which is now more aware of the world beyond my comfort zone.  I am not doing enough to change the balance, even the field.  I feel guilty, embarrassed and I do not like those feelings.  So I say Thank You God for Your many blessings but I also ask what I should/could be doing to better be His servant, His ambassador.  I do not want more unless I can somehow begin to give more away.


  1. hey minnow! 🙂 that’s great! and good hard thoughts….

    we have had some moves/shifts going on by us too – will catch up soon!

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