Posted by: minnow | July 3, 2009

Children’s Book Recommendation

When my older children were little I read aloud to them from chapter books that were considerably above their reading level but not beyond their interest level.  The youngest ones would soon be asleep listening to the drum of my voice but the older two fought sleep to stay awake and hear the whole chapter.  The worlds and images created by such wonderful writers as Brian Jacques and C. S. Lewis captured their imagination and would often show up later in their outdoor games.

Recently I returned to that nighttime ritual with our three year old.  Much to my surprise and delight the two youngest older children have started to sit in on our reading times.  The book I started with, Tales of the Kingdom  by David and Karen Mains is probably over my youngest daughter’s head (which could account for her falling a sleep within minutes of my beginning to read).  The other two, however, sometimes ask me to read the next chapter as well.  (Strange behavior, perhaps, for a 14 and 17 year old).  I am blessed to have this time with my children.  I like reading aloud and enjoy hearing their commentary afterwards.

The book, Tales of the Kingdom, is the first of a trilogy.  The other two books are: Tales of Resistance  and Tales of Restoration.  I had forgotten how much I liked these books, how meaningful they were to me, spiritually.  Each chapter is a story in and of itself with a bit of a lesson summary at the end while the main characters remain the same from chapter to chapter and book to book.  I would highly recommend them to anyone with children.  In fact, I would suggest volunteering in the Church nursery just to have an excuse to read them, if you do not have children! 

Blessings and Happy 4th All!  Minnow



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