Posted by: minnow | June 20, 2009

Where Is the Church?!?

I just read an interesting blog at One Hand Clapping  about all the twittering going on concerning the elections in Iran.  One comment lead me to look up an organization called Invisable Children.  Did you know there is going to be a two day event in D.C. to draw political attention to the plight of children in Uganda who have been abducted and drafted into the Lord’s Resistance Army, which is led by Joseph Kony who is anything but a Godly man?  Me either, until tonight that is (6/19, which won’t be tonight by the time this gets posted).  I wonder why? 

I even know a missionary in Uganda.  So, I should be more aware of what is going on over there.  She visited our fellowship less than a year ago, but then she was not invited to speak so maybe that has something to do with why I do not know anything.  Come to think of it, she does not even have a link on our fellowship’s website.  Nor is there a link to the Invisible Children  website.  Yet, somehow we still consider our fellowship missions friendly.  Strange.  Or, then again maybe not.

Can you tell I am a little miffed?  Well if not just stay tuned.  I want to know: why do organizations like Invisible Children  think they will get more accomplished by rallying in front of the White House and lobbying U.S. congressmen then by moblizing the Church?  Is it because they have tried to mobilze the Church and the Church refuses to pick up the ball???!  Is it because the Church thinks cowardly sticking the four spiritual laws tracts under people’s windshild wipers and teaching Vacation Bible School children that God’s got the whole world in His hands is the same as feeding His sheep and caring for the widows and orphans?

Where is the Church?  And please do not try and apease my anger by suggesting that the Church is there, working in the trenches, ministering to those in need just not with all the fanfare of governmental agencies.  The absolute truth of the matter is that the Institutionalized Church budgets less than 10 percent of its resources to missions.  In fact it comes closer to 2 percent.  So while a few in the Church are   in the trenches, risking their lives and working to make a difference, the westernized Church  as a whole cannot exactly say it has done or is doing much of anything!  In fact I am pretty amazed we even dare to call ourselves the Church since we have become so disconnected from what the Church in the first century looked like.

Recently my son asked this question on his Facebook status update:  How do I show that I love my God?  He asked because he kept hearing people talk about how much they love God but he was not really seeing much in the way of physical evidence.  I think my son already knows the answer to his question is:  You show you love your God by doing as He did and by obeying His commandments. 

So, what did Jesus do?  He healed the sick.  He fed the hungry.  He cut through all the religious (and political) bullshit and He got His hands dirty by relating to the tax collectors and prostitutes, in other words–the politically incorrect people.  And, what were His commands to His disciples?  He told them to love God and to love one another as He loved them.  Why?  In order to be a witness. 

Jesus also told His disciples that whatever they did for the least of these  they did for Him.  Whatever–as in everything–good or ill.  Does that not catch your breath?  Well, it should, Church.  It should make sitting in the pews in all our finest fashions with our Mabeline lashes flittering and our Covergirl lips smiling down right uncomfortable. 

Entire people groups are being wiped out.  And, where is the Church?  Thousands are being displaced and hundreds are being abducted.  And, where is the Church?  Children are snatched right out of the arms of their mothers and if they try to escape  their throats are slit with machetes.  And, where is the Church?  We are sitting in padded pews, bathed in the sunlight that streams through our stunning stain glass windows, impatient, because our pot roasts are being over cooked or the big game is about to begin and we might miss the opening minutes.  Most of us can not even be bothered to help our sister fellowships build a Habitat for Humanity House or run a local soup kitchen let alone worry about something happening half way around the world. 

Despite our repeating the Lord’s prayer or our reciting the Apostles Creed we are NOT evidencing our faith in an all knowing all powerful God merely by gathering in a building on Sunday morning.  Do you know who the King in the parable in Matthew 25 is talking to when he says: “Depart from me you who are cursed”?  He is talking to the part of the Church  that failed to care for the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick, and the imprisoned.  He states His position very clearly in verse 45 when he says: “I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” 

I want to know where in the hell of Uganda and the Congo, or the sex trades in Thailand, the poverty of India, and the suffering of Darfur is the Church?  Why are our tithe dollars going toward multimillion dollar buildings when 10,000 children are dying of starvation every day?  How dare we call ourselves “little Christs”?!  Since when did the Christ we claim to follow turn His back on those who are weary and burdened?  Or close His eyes and ears to the cries of the afflicted?  Do you really want to save someone from hell?  Begin with the hell on earth!



  1. What a blog Minnow. I really need to sit back and think about this one.

  2. I’d like to alert you to a new book on Kony and his child soldiers titled, First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army, available at Amazon.

  3. Mr. Eichstaedt, Happy to promote your book. Feel free to tell us more anytime.

  4. Amen, sister! And yes, the Church is there in the trenches, but not in the numbers it should be. But may I point out one little piece of the Church that is doing its best to fulfill God’s command to do “unto the least of these”? Please visit to see how one piece of the Bride of Christ is reaching out to make a difference in the lives of children in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And for you and anyone else who is reading this post and also shouting, AMEN, what will you do now that you know the truth?

  5. There are christians quietly working away in these areas. One is The Tamar Centre in Pattaya run by YWAM. They provided a place to live and training for an alternative career for prostitutes there.

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