Posted by: minnow | March 22, 2009

Off the Top of My Head

Okay, here goes…This has been the week from…somewhere other than normal.  I have not exactly been busier.  No one has been sick.  I even got to help celebrate my Dad’s birthday with a trip to the theatre.  We saw a wonderfully well done production of Guys and Dolls.  I felt light hearted for the next couple days and still smile with the memory.  But, that does not account for the rest of what I have been feeling.

My spirit is stirred.  Something has shifted for me and I am beginning to think maybe the fog is lifting, just a little.  A variety of conversations, both online and off,  have contributed to this stirring and I think I am beginning to understand, in a way in which I can finally articulate, where I sense Spirit moving me in the whole emerging Church, seeking relationship, following Christ journey I am on or in  or (Ohhhh, how do you end that sentence without a preposition? humm…).  Anyway–

Randi from Seeds in My Heart, and Kathy at The Carnival in My Head, and Tom, and Frank, and Shelby over at Radically Authentic, and Striker at  A New Vision, and yes even some of what is being said on Parchment and Pen have all helped to shake loose some thinking, stir up my spirit, and speak to my heart.  I am learning about community and being and waiting.  It is not about what were doing or how we are doing it, or when or where or how often.  It is not even about why as long as the why is “to reach people for Jesus” or “to make fishers of men” or “to preach the gospel”.

I am convienced that Jesus never meant for us to “do” Church.  I am certain He meant what He said when he told His disciples to abide in Him and that His prayer was not just for them but was also for those who would believe because of them.  I trust that He knew what He was talking about when He said if we lift Him up He would draw all men.  I believe He sent Spirit to be our counselor, our comforter, our constant companion.  I know He is the way, the truth, and the life, and that the only way we will be re-united with our Creator, Father, is through our identification with Him, God’s only begotten Son.  This I know.  I also know my whole purpose, my whole reason for being is to be in relationship with my Creator, to reflect His creativity, His passion, His peace, His gentleness, His uncompromised goodness, His unconditional love, His victory over death.  Oh our boxes are so very tiny, our biggest dreams so very small.  Even greater things.  And, even greater things.  And, even greater things than that.  Our God is good and His love endureth forever! 

Please do not project something onto what I am saying that I am not saying.  I am not talking about greater ministries, or more stuff, or bigger bank accounts.  God has called us to be the called out ones, to walk in unity with His Spirit, to be His ambassadors.  That means we have no ownership in anything that is not His Kingdom, no investment in “world” systems.  How radical is that??!! 

I get that “our best” is like filthy rags BUT that He dances over us with sing even so.  I believe it is my job (for lack of a better noun) to create safe places to be the Church and share the journey.   I do not believe that is translated into building ministries.  I believe the “called out ones” are to gather together but I do not really know how that is supposed to look.  I have a pretty good idea how it is not  supposed to look but I also know that I have my own share of controlling religious spirits to resist.  And so…I think I am suppose to leave all that, or most of it, up to God.  SO where has God got you on the journey?



  1. awww that was beautiful Minnow!!!!

    God has really used our conversations and your insights and heart for Him a lot in my life!

    This truly is all what I am feeling too…. just that I know that He is calling me to “more” and “bigger” things… yet people always mis-interpret when I say that. I don’t mean recognition, I don’t mean fame, money, power, titles… I don’t even mean numbers of people impacted through me by Him…

    I just mean something – wild, different, dangerous. Something not typical. Something that is TRULY all about Him and nothing about me.

    My Spirit is stirring too…. but He reminded me that it’s okay when nothing around me matches up with the vision…. patience. He is just reminding me the secret of abiding in Him when what I see with my eyes isn’t what I see in my heart. I know that I have to sort of bloom where I’m planted… and take from my experiences what I am supposed to. It’s so hard to feel all this in me and not exactly know how to pour it out… what it looks like…. but that’s just Him teaching us to depend on Him that much more.. like you were saying.

    So I’m just taking a LOT of notes and knowing that some day He will put me in a place and I will just know in my heart it’s GO time. No more practicing…GO

    It’s a crazy place to be — but it’s a place full of passion & HOPE!

    Thanks so so much for you! What a beautiful entry this was. Thanks for sharing your heart! 🙂


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