Posted by: minnow | January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today, Minnowspeaks is one year old.  As of this writing, I have had a whopping 4,670 visitors with a single day high of 133.  My 128 posts have generated 252 comments.  Now, I realize some people get more Christmas cards than that and some bloggers have gotten that many comments in a single day.  Still I feel pleased. 

I started blogging with the thought that I would probably spend a few months talking to myself out here in cyberspace and either get bored or too embarrassed to keep posting.  Instead, I found I liked visiting other people’s blogs and discovered more than a few to be insightful, sensitive, encouraging, intelligent, thought (and action) provoking, and challenging.  I have heard from people across the ocean and across town.  Blogging has opened my eyes, expanded my world, and changed my life. 

I still have plenty to learn so I will probably stick with it for a while longer.  One thing I would like to figure out is, if people can get their Playlist to appear on their blog when they have a wordpress rather then a blogger account, how they actually do it. 

As far as my blog is concerned, I have no major changes planned for next year.  I will probably write a little less about politics and a little more about relationship.  Hopefully, I will write more about what I am doing and not just thinking about doing.  And, I may be blessed with a few more guest blogs.  I will continue to respond here (and in comments) to the other posts I read.  I will continue to refer you to my favorite sites.  I hope as the next year unfolds I become more tech savvy because I would like to start including video and photographs in some of my posts.  Other than that…God only knows.  So, if you were waiting for something profound I am sorry to disappoint. 

Happy Birthday Minnowspeaks!


  1. Happy Birthday indeed!! 🙂

  2. Let me add..Minnowspeaks got me blogging, too! She showed me the ropes at WordPress and inspired me to pick up my pen (actually, laptop) once again. Thanks, Minnow!

    Keep up the excellent work, sister!

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