Posted by: minnow | December 27, 2008

The Morning After

Christmas 2008 is history.  We will no doubt hear how retailers did and get some sort of grade on how greedy…oops, materialistic, I mean… generous consumers were this season.  All I have to say is that for me personally Christmas was the best it has been in 30 plus years.   I have already written about my past experiences and how I wanted this Christmas to be different.  Now I get to report that it was!

Deciding to choose names was probably the BEST Christmas decision our family could have made.  Each person thought about the person they were getting something for and stayed within a (comparatively)reasonable budget.  I got everything I put on my list and then some.  The one who drew my name gave me a certificate to make a loan to Kiva.  I also got money to give to Soles 4 Souls.  And, I was given some beautiful beads made by widows and orphans in Uganda.  In addition, my Father paid for a two month membership at a local fitness club so I even get to work on my second priority issue of personal health.

I know this post does not sound too spiritual.  We did not go to a Christmas Eve service.  We did not watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with Linus reading the Christmas story from Luke.  Still, when someone asked our three year old what was special about the day she said “It’s Jesus’ birthday!”  even though she had been talking about Santa coming all week.  We did not do an advent reading or even listen to Chirstmas music all day.

Yet, even though it does not sound spiritual, my Christmas was, for me, spirit renewing.  Bumps.  But no road blocks.  Family and joy and blessings were my focus and selfishly I do not feel guilty for having the blessings I have.   I can do more then I have done, and I will.  But as I write this I feel content, more content then I have a memory of feeling before.  Life is imperfect, but God is good.  And, knowing that simple truth, in the depth of me, is a gift.


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