Posted by: minnow | November 29, 2008

A Delightful Afternoon

I spent a most wonderful day yesterday with my husband and our three youngest children.  We drove to a neighboring state and then hiked about three quarters of a mile to a hot springs.  The only think that could have made it better was if our older two could have been with us.  One is in Kansas City and the other had to work.  Watching the 13 year old and the 16 year old help their 3 year old sister navigate the roots and rocks and hills and skiffs of ice and snow was a delight to my soul.  God is so good. 

We did not get in the hot springs because it was fairly full and not everyone in them was dresses in such a way that a thirteen year old and her mother felt comfortable.  But on our hike out we made plans to come back when it was not a holiday and would not be so busy.  We stopped on our way home at a wonderful lodge that has rustic cabins available for rent year round and treated ourselves to dinner and shared desserts–huckleberry cheese cake and blackberry cobbler with ice cream–even though we still had pie at home (no guilt).  Our next time plans (tentatively on my birthday) include a possible stay at the cabins so we have even longer at the hot springs the next day and a “well day” off school for the kids.  I honestly can not think of a more wonderful way to turn 50, unless of course my oldest son could miraculously transport himself from Kansas City for the day.  And, hopefully our next oldest will not be in the middle of finals.

So there you have it–Minnow can actually enjoy life and not obsess about what is wrong with the world 24/7.  Sometimes I actually make myself wonder.  I wonder if life is more a matter of chosen perspective then I allow–a seeing the glass as half full choice.  I wonder if I need to practice making more positive choices.  I read some of your blogs and am up lifted and encouraged and then I start to think and wonder and see other parts of life and I begin to write and…

But yesterday I spent a delightful day with my family.  I felt free and uplifted.  I watched my children helping one another and having fun with one another.  At another stop on our way home my oldest daughter started a snowball fight with her father and brother and when the 3 year old tromped after them they slowed the pace just enough to let her join in.  I am thankful for those moments and memories–the parts of life that remind me I know a God of joy and peace and love.  These are the moments that let me know His kingdom come.  And I am hopeful for the rest of the world.


  1. so beautiful minnow 🙂 so you have a THREE year old also!?! what a fun family you all must be! 5 kids. those hot springs sound soo cool – I’d love to see pics of that. you all have a lot of snow already? xoxox happy thanksgiving late

  2. Snow in the mountains. Nothing like the mid-west lake effect.

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