Posted by: minnow | October 14, 2008

Political Resources

I borrowed the following information from Inspired to Action but check out their blog for details and a lot of INSPIRATION.  It is an amazing site! 

Below you can find political websites that help voters sort through the issues.  If you want to know about your state politicians head over to the League of Women Voters site.  If you do not understand a referendum check out Project Vote Smart.  Fact Check will reveal who is twisting the truth and to what degree.  During the debate it is up to the minute information. 

  League of Women Voters (local and state politicians)  Project Vote Smart (What’s on a state’s referendum?)  On the Issue (Almost every candidate almost every issue.)  Snopes (uncovers false rumors being spread about candidates)  Fact Check (Who is lying and who is telling the truth?)

Next time I will try to sort through the differences between Senator McCain and Senator Obama on some non-economic domestic issues like education, crime, immigration, abortion, the enviroment and (if I am not already over 1000 words) energy.


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